RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Jeff Sonstein

4820023Good for easy A. Avoid him if you actually want to learn anything.
7820023Approachable, Knowledgeable, But definately moved at a snails pace through Java for Programmers. I learned very little from it.
8520023Sonstein is a laid back prof who is easy to work with. If you have to take one of the utterly retarded early year IT courses, take it with him since he is fairly easy, but still knows his stuff.
7820023Professor Sonstein knows absolutely everything about Java, having worked in industry for many years, but he's not very good at imparting that knowledge to his students. His examples in class are convoluted and hard to follow. Professor Sonstein is also terrible at returning assignments in a timely manner. It is now six weeks into the quarter and we still have not gotten our grades from homework #1 (due in the second week)! It has also been a week and a half since the midterm, he said he would run them through the scan-tron and e-mail us our grades last weekend. Nothing yet. He is definitely a very intelligent man; if only he could pass his information on to his students in a way that they could understand.
7120023I had him for 535. The course was completely disorganized, the midterm was a mess, grades were always late and assignments were not specific enough. The lectures were boring and repeative.
6520023Expect an easy A in VRML or multimedia for the web with Sonstein. I didn't really have to do any work at all in either of the classes and got A's. So at the time it seemed pretty nice, but once I realized taht I learned nothing it wasn't so great. Basically if you need a GPA boost I would go with sonstein, otherwise I would look elsewhere.
9520023I would take more classes with this guy if I could. He's gruff, but friendly and fun. He's opinionated in some places, but it's built from years of experience. I just wish he'd stop smoking. I'd like him to live longer.
9920012i just had him for java, i went in knowing nothing, went out knowing nothing, and got an A.
9520012Great teacher. Explains things clearly to a class and is very helpful one on one. Has a lot of experience in the industry and it shows. Took 218 with him.
4820011Unserious for his job, irresponsible for the students, unfairness for the grading. That's why only 8 students registered in his class instead of 30. He uses same teaching materials for 2 years. If you go to the classroom ten minutes before it begins, you can see him uploading his stuffs to the internet. Don't believe his syllbus. He only gave us 3 assignment instead of 5. He said there will be no exams, "All the exams in programming is stupid", but he notified us about the final test just 4 days before it and even didn't tell us the exam type. The result was most of us got a ZERO. "no compile, no run, you get a ZERO". He asked us to write the code within 2 hours w/o evaluating how much we did, maybe only one step far you still got a ZERO. The final test costs 20% of total points, That's why most of us got C and B. If you want to waste you money and time,please choose this guy. He won't disappoint you.
8520002Knows his Java unbelievably well, and it was a pleasure to have him for a professor. The class itself, however (Java for Programmers) needed work or more assignments or *something*. Came out of it with a lot of Java knowledge, but very little practical Java experience.
9920002Excellent. Very approachable knows his stuff, will work things out with you until everything is the way its supposed to.
9920002you can tell he is from the "real world". he knows his stuff. a student can learn a lot from him without being tought.