RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Jerome Wagner

4820023I had him for Physics2 and I cannot believe that people would actually give this guy an A. By far the worst teacher I've ever had, and that's counting everyone since kindergarten and preschool. He is absolutely horrible at conveying concepts and often did not know how to solve his own problems. His tests and quizes were confusing yet doable I suppose, and the final wasn't so bad. I spent A LOT of time learning from the text because he cannot get the job done even if you focus and pay full attention in class.
9520023Very slow teaching style, Point: Able to follow and understand! Unlike other profs who go very fast in lectures: Kern and Morabito. Similiar to a previous comment, he spends a lot of time explaining things (well!,) but this is consistant and does not suddenly expect you to know eveything like quantum physics.
8820011I had Prof. Wagner for Physics III. Most of the time he explains stuff clearly, and his tests and quizes are fair. Not a very enjoyable teacher to listen to, but he gets the job done.
6820011Nice guy, not a very good teacher. The tests were extremely difficult. Going to lecture was a waste because I got nothing out of it. I was able to manage a B going out of the book but no thanks to him.
8520011Not the greatest lecturer, but if you keep up in the book, his tests are very fair and he's pretty nice... he'll curve tests and homework if he doesn't think that people did well enough.
8820011Nice guy and very approachable. Teaches stuff pretty well in class with some examples and encourages questions. Exams and quizzes are reasonable too. Only complaint is that the final was too tough. It was much harder than the other exams and quizzes, but he does curve a little to compensate. Overall pretty good - I'd take him again.
7520002He spends about 9 weeks explaining kinematic equations (read: easy stuff), and then expects you to suddenly know quantum physics (read: hard stuff). Very unbalanced teacher. But he looks like einstein so thats cool. And his name is Jerome...name one white dude with a speech impediment named Jerome...hehe.
9120002A pretty good teacher overall, and he seemed like a nice guy. Nothing really to complain about, except for the slight speech problem, but there's nothing he can do about that...
6820002Nice guy and knows the material but has no idea how to present the material. Wasnt really willing to help outside the classroom
9519993Very nice guy. Tests and homework were fair in both level of difficulty and grading.