RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Karen Atkinson

4820012Shes a B****..BIG TIME...
All she wants is to give you a head if she likes you or crush your head if she doesnt. mostly seen wearing see throughs, but thats a disgusting sight..trust me on that. She hated CE's so dont even think of taking her if you are a CE.
Very Very Rascist!!she is a b****
8120012Very tough grader. Fair, but no leniancy. Your grade is set in stone pretty much no matter what. She knows her material but can be very moody. I've seen her go off on a few students who didn't really do anything to deserve it. Can't say I'm not glad she's gone.
9920012She's gone now, and that's all that matters :)
8520011Karen is an excellent teacher who has had some radical mood problems. I have seen here freak out on other students, but never had an issue with her. I just treated her with respect and never pushed her. I took 4 classes with Karen and got 4 B's. Tough but fair grader. Too bad she left RIT. If I were to ever hire someone to test code, Karen would be it.
9520003presents material well, helpful outside of class
9520003Although I failed her class I cannot place any blame on Prof. Atkinson, (that blame would be better aimed at the projects). She is really helpful and has a great teaching style. Make sure you pay attention because she tests on what she teaches, no more, no less.
9520003Karen goes above and beyond the normal call of duty in teaching. It's a shame to lose her to the private sector. She is always helpful, and will gladly make time for you if you can't make her office hours.
9520002Karen is very personable and concerned that students learn.
9120002Good teacher, knows her material, strict and fair grader.
5320002Actually this vote isn't directly against professor atkinson's teaching but more directed at her choice for the student teacher of one of her lab sections.

I had the bad luck of getting Damian Eads. Nice guy, horrible grader. Pretty confusing in lab. In fact, I would get more confused by going to lab than by skipping it. Damn student instructors you figure they would be on our side
7120002Teaching quality is adequate but professor has a tendancy to intimidate and make students very uncomfortable
9120002I had her a while ago and been reading some bad propaganda. She is a good teacher who knows her stuff, if you work hard then she will work to help you, otherwise don't waste her time
9920002I had her for computer science 1. Considering I had no prior coding experience and now I am doing pretty well I think she was a great teacher. Always available when I needed her and even now that I am not in her class she still helps me out.
7520002Often intimidating, but won't refuse to help if asked. Good knowledge of subject.
9920002Extremely good lab instructor. Exceptionaly nice and willing to help you with anything. Doesnt give up until you understand the problem completly. Take her lab.
9120002I had her for a lab. She was VERY helpful.
8820001Seems to know her stuff. On the plus side she is sometimes witty, explains things to a reasonable degree. She seems interested in the subject. Only downside is sometimes she can be a little curt with students.
9920001Very kind, knowledgeable, and thorough. She presents potentially challenging material in a very effective way. Tests are reasonable. Good sense of humor. Highly recommended!
9520001Great professor, fair grader, and very knowledgable. I would definately take her again.