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Ratings for Katherine Marsh

9120012I generally agree with the comment below. I had her for fall quarter of 2001 for Writing & Lit 1, and even though it was her first year of teaching, it found it very interesting. She also offers out-of-class extra credits. If you're willing to express your thoughts clearly, you'll do fine in this class. Overall, she's an interesting professor, I'd recommend her if you think your essays don't suck, and you can write at least an "average" paper. Guaranteed A or B for this class.
7520012What can I say about Mrs. Marsh? Well, it seems as though she cares a lot that her students can write well, but almost too much. She says that she understands that we are not English majors, yet she seems to expect that we should be able to write like one. This is good, in a way, because it makes you try harder on your writing, but Writing & Literature isn't supposed to turn you into the perfect writer.

One thing about Mrs. Marsh is that she is quite the feminist. Prepare yourself to look at feminist perspectives books, poetry, comic books, music, media, porn, whatever.

One thing that really bothered me was how she graded journals. In W&L 1, journals were completely informal, and it was not very hard to get a high score. In W&L2, she said the journals would be informal, but she graded us on sentence structure, grammar, and organization. Needless to say, few people got a good grade.

I often find it unclear as to what she wants from her students in class. Assignments are vague, and very open to interpretation. Many of the papers are very difficult, and require deep analysis of the topic (so far that what you are finding probbaly isn't even true).

What I CAN say for her, is that she makes herself very available to her students. If you need to speak with her, she always lets you know when she'll be available and where. She does bring in some interesting concepts to the classroom, but some of the feminist topics get old quickly. This is her first year teaching, and I expect that she will get much better once she knows what to expect and what not to expect from her students.
5320012The first comment is pretty accurate. I had Ms Marsh for Writing and Lit 1 and 2. She tries very hard to get the students in class to talk, but is not very good at starting a discussion. Also, it is hard, with the NTID students obviosly not being able to communicate as well, putting more pressure on hearing students. her assignments are VERY unclear and can be interpreted almost any way. 99% of everything you read in the class will be related to her feministic views, and the disussions will be based on this. The way she grades the journal assignments is very inconsistant. Say, if you miss one, she will tell you that you can make it up if you want, but she suggests to just skip it and do the next one. Then she will tell you that they are worth 40% of the final grade and give you a zero for the one you skipped. During class, she always says that she will be available between certain times at the library, but the one time I needed to talk to her, she was not there. I recommend waiting a few years to take her, and let her get a better at teaching.