RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Kenneth Reek

9920023If you haven't heard, his classes are really informative but you have to study a lot. I guess I like him because I got a good grade, and usually people that fail hate him. Read lengthy comments below, I just wanted to vote for him.
9120023You will understand the OS internals like anything. But can never get A in his course
9920023very understanding and helpfull teacher, eventhough i had problems that affected this class and my grades, if you anyone wants to learn something from an Operating Systems class offered at RIT Reek is the one to take the class with, he knows what he's talking about, and he doesn't throw in a couple of slides and then splits, his classes are very informative.
9920023Second best professor at RIT right behind his wife Margaret Reek. This man knows his stuff inside and out. You will learn an exceptional amount from him and he manages to keep class interesting. However, if grades are a big concern to you be warned his tests are rather difficult. However, if you are looking for a teacher who will really cover the material in depth and that you can learn from take K. Reek.
9520023If you think you're good at CS. Take sys prog 1. It should humble most hotshots. Ken is the only professor (that I know of) that teaches this course. You will learn more from Ken than anyone else. The final will be one of the most painful experiences of your life, but you will come out a better computer scientist for taking this course. If you're still feeling cocky, or really want to go on from there, take sys prog II.
9120012I had professor Reek for OS1. His teaching style is excellent (he's engaging and really knows his material), and I found him to be quite accessible outside of class. The only downside of this professor is that his tests are very difficult.
8820012I'm going to agree with everyone else here, he is a great guy, but his tests are murder. A word to the wise: Attend every class because the tests focus on really random details.
7520012I took professor Reek's Data Comm and Networking I class and learned a ton. My one complaint is that many of his test questions are concerned with obscure details, not important course content. Also, some questions dealt with issues not discussed in the text, so if you missed a passing comment in lecture, you're "hosed". Be prepared for many "what if" kinds of questions. One final comment... Reading the book and taking notes in lecture aren't enough. In order to really excel in the course, all homework problems in the book and in his notes should be completed. Now for a positive comment... If you're sick of CS profs who are afraid of questions, you'll love this guy (in lecture). He's not afraid to answer a question he's never heard before. He'll work it out right there in class. He's solid. I must say that I enjoyed (and learned from) his lectures very much.
8820011Ken is another of my favorite teachers. A Top 3 for sure (MReek, KReek, Carithers).

He shares Maragaret's easy going style in class, though he is a bit more formal in class.

Lectures tend to be more discussion based, as he leads the class on a guided exploration of the topic.

Though the topic matter is dull, he even manages to make Data Comm & Net II bareable. Also, he is understanding of the way students learn and willing to do a brief refresh on topics covered in the previous class (DCNI).

Ken is very knowledgable about his topics (he has written the book for at least one of them) and it shows in class. If you ask a question, it will get answered more than sufficiently.

The one drawback is the tests. Though they are open book/open notes, they are quite tough and push the time limit for almost everyone.

- Easy going style
- Approachable and knowledable
- Very difficult tests
9920004Ken Reek teaches with an easy-going and informative manner. His discussions on a topic seem to be an exploration of the subject, rather than a standard lecture. His tests in his C programming course are open book and open note. Most tests aren't too difficult, and any detail-oriented questions can usually be answered by looking in the book. He encourages questions, and answers them well. And he seems to know everything about ANSI C. Well, he did write the book on the topic.
7520002Good teacher, I felt that I learned a lot, but tests are impossible.
8120002Good teacher, way too hard of a tester
9520002Tough bastard. Really knows his sh*t though. Exams are fr*aking difficult, so watch out. Excellent prof, and gives good explanations.
9120002Extremely knowledgable and intelligent, does a good job of presenting material, though he sometimes goes a little fast... tests can be challenging but if you know the material you will do fine
8520002I took Prof. Reek for operating systems I and felt I learned quite a bit. Too bad my grade did not reflect that knowledge. I walked away from every test thinking I had aced it only to find that I had barely passed it. He is an extremely intelligent man and his lectures were sometimes interesting but something must be done about the grading policy.
8820002Interesting in class, also fair on grading policies. Note two things, however. He'll give you whatever help you need, but YOU must go to him for it. Second, you can't keep your tests after seeing the grades.
9519993Ken is a tough grader. He is however a very good teacher. I learned more in his class than any two other classes I have taken.
9119993Despite what some of my friends have said, I think Ken s a great teacher. He often teaches at a very fast pace, but his classes are some of the few cs classes that I ve come out of really feeling like I ve learned something. The workload in his C lecture is large for only 2 credit hours, but you ll learn a lot if you take it.