RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Keith Jenkins

7820023Very knowledgable! however, his lectures go too long with no breaks. His tests are too hard
9920023Had him for Small Group Communication. I got a 53 on the first test, but did excellent on the second one, and good on the last, and got a B in the class. His lectures are very clear, and he is easy to contact outside of class. He speaks fast to the point where writing fast enough to keep up is difficult at times, but he is very easy to understand through his clear speech and comprehensive lectures.
9520023Awsome person! Great teacher and I feel he really cares about the students in the class, and that he wants us to learn. One of the best i've had at rit
8820023I would have given him an A, but he wouldn't give me one either. Jenkins has been my teacher for Small Group & Human Communication. For both, I truly learned and found I could apply his insight to real life. His tests are challenging, but you learn from one of the best.
9920012One of the best @ RIT... as simple as that....
8520003requires a LOT of reading and can be a little repetative @ times. he is a very very nice person and quite concerned w/students learning.
9920003One of the top ten scholars at this institution. He is an expert at bringing the best out of each student. His warmth and charisma are felt every time he walks in the classroom. His energy when he is teaching shows that he is very passionate at what he does. RIT is lucky to have an instructor of the caliber of Keith Jenkins. He is one of the best examples of what being a TEACHER is all about.