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Ratings for Kathleen Chen

5320023I didn't take a class with Chen but I met with her to discuss joining the Psych program. I am a deaf student but I speak very well, and she was very rude to me - she ketp repeating things over and over, even if it was a yes-no question that I had already answered earlier in the conversation. Even if I indicated that I understood her by answering her questions she would still write down what she was saying. I gave the same answers time and gain and she continued. Needless to say I gave up on the idea of being a psych major in a hurry. What was RIT thinking when they named her dept head?
4820023Had this lady 3 years ago and still trying to forget her class. Someone here said she is rude and that is 100% right on. if you are not a psychology major/minor then your $ would be better spent on sticking a plastic army guy in a baked potato and hoping for intelligent life...
4820012she's a boring teacher who does not care for her students. she favors the students she likes and ignores the rest.
6520012she tells you that you dont have to take the final if she likes you. she is 100% unfair and rather rude. The paper she handed out to us was completely unclear and when i went to her for help she asked me "what dont you get? its easy" then shooed me away!
4820012Chen has no clue on how to use the term "fairness" among the students, her system of how to decided whether you take a final or not, purely sucks! It just depends on how much you attend to class and naturally if she likes ya... Completely rude, annoying, and she calls herself the head of the department? PUH-lease.. she does not even know how to be organized and prepared for her class, I think she needs to uh.. step down.
5320011worst teacher-well she hardly ever teaches for the PSI class. wonder who made her the Head of the Dept.!! VERY RUDE LADY. will RIT ever learn to have some nice capable teachers??
9920011keeps things interesting. interweaves lecture, videos, and experiments. highly recommended.
9920011She is a good teacher as long as you read the material before going to her class. Tests are fair...Really a nice lady.
6520011I also can not believe that she is head of the department. She does not devote any time to the students and is very unorganized.
6520004i can't beleive this professor is the head of her department. i had her for 20003. i think she had no idea what she was doing. she couldn't figure out the overhead for the life of her. she couldn't remember things that she told students. she was also a very unfair grader.
6120003I can't understand a word she says...she's the reason I decided not to major is psychology. Plus she really isn't a good dept. head and she doesn't appreciate her teachers working below her.
8820002FAIR. Likes to talk too much and sometimes stubborn but fair.