RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Kristi Krumrine

8820012Very fair teacher, and a really fair grader... but... SHE PUT ME TO SLEEP DURING EVERY CLASS! And sometimes I would just draw on my notebook... It's an easy A and a great time to go napping
9920002If anyone can make Cultural Anthropology bearable, it's her. She cares greatly about people in her class learning and explains the material in a straighforward, simple way. Only way I'd take another Anthropology course is if she was teaching it.
9920002Great teacher, knows her stuff and makes it very interesting. How about a anthropology minor / concentration?
9920002Loved her... Tests very fairly and explains topics well...
9119993She is a nice lady and likes her subject a lot. I had her for Cultural Anthropology and she is very fair with grading. You can learn a lot from her, but her lecturing sometimes makes you sleepy... She could make the class a bit more live. Shows some informative films. Helpful and cheerful.