RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Keith Whittington

8520023I had Professor Whittington for Human Factors (4002-425), and I was definitely NOT impressed with his lack of intimate knowledge about the subject. Very un-professional, would routinely (at the end of the quarter) just give everybody an A on something, no matter if you put a half hour into it or 5 days. There are better Human Factors teachers out there (Professor Haake, Rozanski), so if you have a choice, choose them. If not, then just try to get on his good side and forget about the fact that he cannot shpell korrectli.
9920023He is great teaching JAVA and willing to meet u in person in his office. His office schedule is flexable so that u can meet him anytime. He is such an excellent professor helping us know much about Java. If u take his class, I bet u will be good in his class.
9520023Great guy. Easy going. Teaches you what you need to know. Does not pull any tricks on any exams or practicals. Take him if you can!
9920023Professor Whittington is a wonderful teacher. He cares a lot about his students and has a different look at learning. The students run the class by telling him what they dont understand. It is a great way to learn. I suggest taking his classes if possible!!
9920023I like his laid back style. I would definetly want to take another course of his if I can.
9520023Had him for Interface Design. He was good. WOuld take class with him again.
9520023Had him for Java and Human Factors. Really good professor that teaches in such a way that makes it interesting. I e-mailed him on a Sunday night at like 9 about a problem I was having on a program thinking I wouldn't get a response until Monday sometime, but I checked my e-mail later on and he responded back at 11. Most professors don't do that.
8820023His lectures get a little tough to pay attention to, but he knows his stuff, and if you do sit through the entire thing, you get a lot out of it. He explains things by doing example programs, and you get to see exactly how the concept sets up, instead of his just explaining it to you.
8520023Had prof. whittington for Human factors. Not an incredibly bad teacher. He definately knows what he's talking about and likes to throw in his real world experiences. Occasionally he is a little disorganized and graded haphazardly at times but was always fair when confronted about this and acknowledged mistakes. Undecided if I would take him again...
7120012The professor knows his stuff, but he did not know how to prepare it well. Also, the course, JAVA 218, seems as if it was thrown together over night. The work was usually in different folders, making it a journey just to download and understand the homework. If you love JAVA, don't take JAVA until the course is properly put together.
9920012Professor Whittington had a rough job trying to get everyone through Java II. I think he did very well considering. His lectures actually have everything to do with assignments, and he does a great job answering any questions he has from students. Homeworks are usually handed back within a week, and tests a bit longer. He's a great guy and an excellent teacher.
9920012Had Keith for Java for Programmers-714. The guy is a great instructor if your into programming. Can expect 1-2 flakey questions on exams and assignments are challenging, but he gives you enough guidance to get the job done. I'd definately take a course with him again.
7120012Can't understand why Java is taught in the lab when it was pure lecture. No feedback in class or on homework or tests. Could have read it for cheaper.
8520012My main problem with this professor, is that he didn't seem to care if he was late... sometimes he would come in late, and then not start the lecture for half an hour... He seemed disorganized and not quite ready to handle students at 10:30 in the morning.
9520012Good professor for programming. I had him for 219 and the class was about the best I can expect from a programming class. The assignments were graded fairly and the exams were not that hard. He tells corny jokes, but he's pretty entertaining. He keeps his lectures to a minimum, so normally you can leave early if you feel like it. I'd take him again.
8520012Problem with Mr. Whittington is not with him, it is with the course (Java I)... The pre-req is a 2 course programming sequence, yet IT allows you to come in having used C++ or VB. The C++ people (who have had object oriented programming before) should be alright (if you know what you are doing)...but the VB people in our class had a lot of trouble with this course. I learned a lot about Java from him, and even when I was stuck on assignments, I would recieve e-mail replies late in the evening the same night. While his replies weren't always helpful, the reasons I was stuck were usually dumb ones.

He is not a horrible professor...and if you really need to take a LOT of notes in his class, then the problem may lie elsewhere.
9920012Whittington Rocks
had him for VB and 340 he knows what hes talking about. Hes all about the analog, and not afraid to admit it, easily the hioppest teacher in IT.
9920012excellent professor. Interest in questions...and keeps one laughing or staring with his dry.....dry humor.....Take him for programmin classes!
6520012Seems more interesting in "putting the students to the test" than they walk out of there with good solid knowledge. No real feedback loop on tests or assignments which limit their use at teaching tools. Put together a "final" that tested material that was covered in last two weeks of class and nothing else. Strange!
8520012Knows JAVA very well and does his best to teach the class despite the poor organization of the class. He answers emails quickly and doesn't hesitate to eloborate on complicated topics in class.
4820012This professor is THE WORST. (Java I) He is boring, is not responsive to his students questions, and does not care about his students. He is knowledgable of Java, perhaps too much for him to teach. He goes off into tangents and has no teaching style. Dont even bother to try to write notes because he erases things & rewrites notes which make it impossible to copy down. I advise NOT to get this professor. Java is an important class. Even though I got a C in the class, I learned NOTHING from him. Take a different professor!!!!
7120012Found him very boring. Dragged through class. Did all assignments and labs and still barely passed. Tests are hard, labs are impossible, class is boring, help is minimal. Avoid him if you can.
9520011He knows what he is talking about, and can answer any question that you have.
9920011Awsome, and easy to understand what he is talking about!!
9520011I really enjoyed this class. Prof. Whittington is a fair teacher. He really explains the material well. He obviously knows his stuff. Class can get a bit boring at times, but definately look this guy up.
8120011Had him for Computer Concepts. Not a stimulating teacher. Tests were ok, so were homeworks.
9520011Very effective approach on getting the material across and kept it interesting even on dry subjects.
6520003It's a real effort to go to class...he comes in the room, starts talking, stops after an hour, five minute break, then he starts talking for another hour. Tough to ask questions, as his presentation is one long flow of imformation. No sense of cohesion or advanced planning to group topics together, it appears that ideas are presented as they come to him.

He tries to be funny in class, but it comes off 95% of the time as rude and nasty. A really, really bad choice.
9520003Keith makes an extra effort so that his students understand the material through class exercises. He does make jokes during class and this makes the material of circuits and computer languages tolerable.
9520003Excellent at responding to email questions in regards to Java projects...even on weekends. He really knows his the material and seems to have the experience needed to answer students' questions.
9520003Nice guy. Makes boring information more interesting. You really learn from him.
7820003Not very receptive to questions, not good at scheduling appointments and responding to emails. ALSO... boring presentation of material. Gives assignments but doesn't teach material and the book was weak for the Java class.