RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Kevin Scully

9920023Not for the ultra conservative P.C. student. If you get offended easily or can't take a joke, don't bother. A great teacher and a lot of fun. Keeps the class awake and makes a 4 hour class seem a lot shorter.
9520023Overall this guy is an awesome teacher. He took some getting used to in the beginning of the quarter. Often says things you wouldn't expect a teacher to say. He is very strict about using the full class time! Get there on time and dont expect to leave early. Highly recommended to anyone who likes to have fun in class.
9920023Cool cat. Kept class entertaining but also informative. He managed to teach us a lot in between laughs. Great guy!
9920023Scully is an absolute pro. His tests are more then fair, also covers the material very well. That said, his teaching style however is not for anyone who cannot take a joke, or might get offended easily as he will occassionally say things you might not expect from a professor. Most students however, will enjoy every bit of Scully's class like i did.
9920023Teaches you a lot about the subject, though he does tend to tease students. Go to class and he's more then resonable to you though.
9520023I learned a lot in his class and I became very interested in Marketing research. He can be very sarcastic and definitely breaks the mold for the average college professor. You really have to have a sense of humor to enjoy his class as much as I did.
4820023said inappropriate things
8520012Taking a class with Scully is fun. He's very interesting and makes a 4 hour class fly. His tests are not easy or hard, but to do well you should study a lot and read the chapters. I had him for Organizational Behavior. The class really was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. He sometimes tells off color jokes but nothing too out of control.
9520011Good Prof, keeps the information interesting. Very humorous, but it isn't for those with thin skin.
7520011Was generally a good teacher, yet had a tendency to lose his temper and say innappropriate or embarrassing things to students.
9520004He is funny, and likes what he is teaching. He makes the subject matter interesting.
9920002Great Teacher. Knows his stuff. Makes the class interesting and enjoyable.
9520002Brings real life information into this class. Easy to learn from and is willing to help you outside of class.
9920002he's an awesome teacher..knows what he's talkin' about
9920002Makes class alot of fun
9920002Mr. Scully is great! He brings a fresh out look on the topics at hand. He gives real life examples and makes learning fun and humorous. I plan on taking more classes with him. Great job!
9920002Excellent prof, knows his stuff, and his lectures are great..Would take many more classes from him. Makes a 4 hour class very very enjoyable..