RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Kenneth Nelson

6120023He sits behind his podium and talks for two hours. It is incredibly boring and most likely you, like me, will fall asleep on a regular basis.
8120012He lectures all class long. If you have any interest in European History deffinately take his class, he makes the material fun to listen to. He gets the B- because he absolutely refuses to take questions or interact with his students, and your grade is based off of 3 tests, I'd much rather have essays, but if you are good at taking notes you'll do fine.
9120012I am very anti-homework, which i guess most students are. His modern European History class was very informative. He lectures for the whole time, but he is an amazing speaker. If you go to every class, which isnt difficult with him, it is basically a B. If you spend 30 minutes a week reading, there is the A. The tests are about 80% lecture and 20% form the book, so a quick skim is all you need.
7820011Interesting and has an amazing knowledge of European History. However, his class consists of straight lecture, all grading comes from 3 multiple choice 100+ question tests and he all but actively discourages questions in class and then often has trouble answering them.
9520011Very good delivery of the material. Keeps you awake in class even when the subject matter is boring. Often will show videos in class. If you write down everything he says, and skim the book, noting important points, you will be able to get at least a B on all of his exams. Really kids, take good notes and study them. It is THAT simple.
9520011Genuinely interested in modern european history and in his students. I highly recommend him to anyone.
9920004He managed to keep me awake and in regular attendance (something I've never done for a liberal arts class). This professor was incredible, definately take one of his courses if you can!
9920003i found his class interesting and easy. sure the lectures are boring but he had a great way of speaking. easy a if you study and do the reading in the book.
8820003If you want an A, I wouldnt recommend this prof. But if you really want to experience European History of the past 400 yrs, take him. He makes the material come alive, explains everything very well. You always have to be attentive in class, and take good notes, but you can learn an amazing amount of history from this prof in a 2 hr session.
9920003Very nice professor. Me and my friend took his class and both of us got an A. He makes the class come alive with his lectures. It is narrated as a story and I think that I learned alot in his class. He never assigned any homework...the book was more or less useless. He gave 3 tests which were solely and completely straight from his lectures and notes. So be prepareed to take alot of notes in his class.
9920003Very fair. If you study, listen and take notes, you will do fine. He was enthused about what he was teaching. I think the key is talking to him during office hours to establish a relationship with him and make yourself known.
9520003very excellent prof. No homework or essays. Just some reading, notes and ONLY 3 TESTS!!
9920003Probably the best professor I have ever had here at RIT. Take this class if you have a genuine interest in Modern European History. You will learn a lot.
9520003He's a great professor if you like his lecture format...which is basically him talking the entire time. But he makes the material very interesting, so it's easy to listen to, he's really good at delivering the material, I learned a lot.
8820002Had him two years ago. Over all a very nice experience. Showed videos almost every week.... which add some drama to what you study from the book. Had to do a big report on a book.
6520002I have never had a more boring lecture. He read straight from his notes the whole time. He barely looked up to see a billion hands waving. Hated to be interrupted. Was surprised a few times that people were listening to him and made comments in regard to what he said. Surprised is not the word. Shocked that there were actually people who knew something about European history at RIT. Avoid him and take someone else.
6520002Very Very Very boring. Would not recommend him