RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Ken Hsu

8120023he is not helpful in the lab (if you need help, he will say one of the two thing: 1)something is wrong with hardware 2)something is wrong with software), extremely absent minded.

Final exam is little bit too hard.

homework is ok.

He hates when you try to find out more about his exam marking scheme, so dont do it.
9920023Hsu is super teacher number one :) One of the reasons our major is great
7820012Well he's not great at his english, but it's usually not too hard to understand him. His biggest fault is that he's very absent minded, which may translate to more or less work, but will always mean that you aren't sure what's going on and can't trust his website.
8520012Harsh accent, but also extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter, and helpful one on one.
6820012Dr. Hsu speaka da no englasi. Yah, he very hard understand to. He talk, you look, you confuse. You dont know what you doing are. But if you are CE major, you no have choice in taking him for freshman stuff. Haha hah ha. Good luck!!!
6520012He doesn't speak inglish well; therefore, he does not transition between topics. If you have an option, do not take Dr. Hsu.
6820012Full of crap.
9920011Hsu is a great guy. he really cares about the students and is willing to help. unless u do nothing in his class, u should get an A. also, in 1 course we had a pizza party and no final. Hsu is the man!
9120011This guy is very energetic, and I enjoy having him for a class like intro to comp E, but sometimes he moves a bit fast with complicated material.
8820011He ok, but understanding him is a class in its own
4820011Very bad teacher. He gave a decent midterm and the homeworks were ok, but when he got into digital transistor logic he assumed that we learned it in the electronics courses we took. No one knew what the h*ll he was talking about. We told him that we don't know it and h e says that we should've learned it in electronics. And his final covers material that he only covers for like 4 minutes in class, and the rest of the stuff is stuff he expected us to know. HE SUCKS!!!
9520011Awesome teacher. He's there for you
9520011he was very unclear. he talked above all of his students and generally lost the entire class in the first 10 minutes.
7120011Generally considerate, energetic professor with a good sense of humor (and attempts to be helpful). His accent is difficult for some; but the real problem is that his English vocab and grammar are very very poor, and thus his written instructions are always incredibly ambiguous. The thing I most disliked about his teaching style (Intro to Computer Engineering) is that he could not bring himself to actually explain any material. He presented some material very acturately--but it was rare for a class to be anything less than baffled at the board full of arcane base conversions, binary theoroms, circuit skematics, etc. In his own words, "See? Understand? Good! Next thing..." was the conclusion of every topic that he raced through. A few students improvised and grasped the core material because of significant previous experience. But most anyone new to such things rode by the seats of their pants, beging upperclassmen for help, and hoping for an explanitory teacher down the rode. He is a good person at heart, but really should be resticted to teaching upperclassmen who, by then, know enough of the fundamentals and have a textbook to teach themselves. For his person, I give him an A. But as a professor, the deparment should really reconsider the complete ineffectiveness of his current position.
9120011Very energetic and kind, knows his material. Only problems are understanding his accent and thinking at light speed to keep up with the notes on the board. You'll look down to erase a letter and BAM, the board is full of tables and notes and he's moving on. If you can understand what he's saying though you'll be set.
6520003Be prepared for test questions that you've never seen material on. Be prepared for unfair grading practices. Two people can have the same work, one could be marked wrong and one could be marked right. Inconsistant grading is a definite with Dr. Hsu.
9920003Dr Hsu is the best teacher I ever had. Always eager to help student and it's easy to get an A in his class. Recommended A++
8120002His accent was a real problem for me. He was a nice guy though.
9920002He Cares about students grade and he's easy and funny
9120001He is a really great guy. He always tries add some incentive for students to do better, and he really cares about the students. Not the best at explaining complicated material though from what I could tell, although I just had him for intro to computer engineering.
9520001He's a good guy and knows his computers.
9920001This guy is funny... Intro to comp eng is a breeze because of this guy
9520001He is so cute at an estimated 4' 11". He is VERY enthusiastic. He can tend to be tough to understand at times, but is always willing to help.
9920001Dr. Hsu is so excited about his teaching, that you can't help but love his class. He is always willing to help you out, and loves giving an A. I would take any class he teaches in an instant.
9519993excellent professer, great knowledge of subject matter