RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Louis Hillman

5320023This guy's grading policies are unfair. Effort and performance have no true bearing on the grade you receive. The class is dull. Bring coffee.
9920023Great guy, very knowledgable; however, there is a draw back-gas. This man has some serious gas! During the whole class he rips a$$, and it reeks too! So, if you take his class, sit in the back. He also spits when he talks; watch out for the spit rockets. Finally, at least once a class he runs out of the room to take a massive $hit. Other than the rancid gas, spit rockets, and spastic diarreah, he is a great guy and a great teacher. Oh yeah, that Hillman, he is so hot right now; I would do him.
5320003Student Beware. This man has the personality of a stone and is just as fun to stare at for 2 hours. very demanding on the Home work. needs to lighten up a little.
6120003Arrogant and strict.
Gives way too much homework. Doesn't explain how to do the homework until after it is due. Overall, not a very good professor. I recommend you stay away from this guy.
8520002Warning! Tech writing he demands a lot of homework!

A good teacher, explains everything well. Likes to joke around in class and keep it from being boring. Demands a lot out of his students, but he pay you off in the long run.
I would definately take another class with him again.