RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Lara Kuhn

6820023Well I can say that Lara know's her material very well... but she also believes her own fairy tales. When more than 50% of the class failed her midterms, she accused us of not studying well and learning differently because most of the class was IT students. People who are A students got B's and C's, and her grading was worse than rock paper scissors between F, D, and C. I would avoid taking her if you can.
8520023For Class 501-400
Good lecturer, but let the class teach the second half of the course through presentations. This offered a chance for some groupwork, but also led to difficutly in preparing for the final exam b/c had to rely on other's work. Also, fair, but very picky grader of tests. Decieveingly hard to get an A on tests. Very nice person.
6120023She sucks, everyone else who voted is right, tests are way too hard for such simple material, and I got a B in the class, and never missed one(except a day of presentations) I believe I should have go an A
9920023Criminology: Good professor....tests may be tricky, but only if you actually read the book and pay attention...is pretty helpful to students...too bad she wont be teaching anymore at RIT, she's a visiting prof...
6520003Unprepared to teach. She relies on asking questions and students answers to teach. Does not completely understand the material herself. I found myself correcting her sometimes. Hopefully more quarters at RIT will fix this.
7820002He seems to read straight from them, throwing out random comments that come out from her notes. The papers she assigned, first got a B, then i followed what she had written for the next two and got 2 A's then the last paper, she gave me a D. Same exact style for all. I didn't understand why when i ask her. She is very friendly in and out of class. She likes to give tests on the chapter assigned, then goes over the chapter after the test, unusual.