RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Louis Andolino

9120011what a stickler! But, still a great instructor.
9120003Excellent professor. Very interesting classes, I actually wanted to go to them. He seemed to use a lot of videos, but most of them were very interesting. Tests were fairly easy but through. Good teacher, great learning experience.
9920003Wonderful man! He is so energetic about what he teaches and makes politics fun. I used to be the person who stayed home on voting day because I hated politics so much but he made me want to vote and take part in the whole process. His tests were fair based on his teachings.
7520003Nice guy. Good material that makes you want to get involved. Poor DL course structure. Not a great experience.
9920003Lou is a wonderful Professor who is very interested in students! I think he has a great approach to teaching and a great sense of humor, I would definately recommend him to anyone.
9920002Slow on grading DL stuff but great in class otherwise. Loves the material he teaches and that gets passed on to the students if they give a damn about what they are trying to learn. Reasonable to very easy tests (multiple choice with extra credit) I've had 3 classes with him. Easy A.
9520002Great professor. knows his stuff. Tests were fair and grading was fair as well. Take him in the summer if you can. very layed back. ( Not the distance learning classes) his actual classes were kind of fun.
7120002I took his distance learning American Politics course. He was a TREMENDOUS pain and a very unreasonable grader. I would advise not taking his distance learning course. Take his class in person, he is much better and his tests are easy.