RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Larry Buckley

9920023Excellent! I would recommend. He loves the material, and it shows in the lectures. They are interesting, and he does a good job explaining the material. He makes everything available online, so if you miss a class it's no big deal. The tests for Bio were all multiple choice, and were fair.
9520023good person... if you visit him. also talks alot. ask him about lizards :)
9120023Very interesting teacher... one of the younger ones so he relates to us more... Lectures are interesting and exams aren't impossible.. Recommended!
9520012very nice guy. even in a huge lecture he stops and makes sure you understand the material. complete opposite of Sischeib
6820012asks random questions on tests, doesn't seem to live in reality, too absorbed with his lizards
9920012Great professor, very easy. He also makes class very interesting.
9920002Great teacher and very cool guy. He is always willing to help and has a many available hours. He also tells you exactly what you need to study and gives you a study guide, but it is still a LOT of memorization. Its a fun class. It should be mentioned though that the class is improperly named, it is actually Vertebrate Evolution, not "Vertebrate Zoology."
9920002totally willing to help and explain. very nice!