RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Lamar Jackson

4820023Frequently late for class. Never shows up on exam days, sends a sub. Rude to students, unapproachable, deaf to questions, always interuppting. Does not take her job half as seriously as her students take theirs.
5320023AVOID HER. Prof. Jackson is a very rude person not to mention a very sub-par teacher. Her tests are all poorly worded and often incoherent. Her grades are VERY biased...and she never gives you ANY idea of how you are doing in the class unless you ask and then it takes another few days or more for her to get back to you. SO frustrating. All of this not to mention that she's throwing away your money by being late to every single class AND 45 minutes late to the final EXAM!!!
5820023WARNING! WARNING! TAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! Didn't show up for the first test or the final...speaking of which SHE GAVE US THE WRONG FINAL!!!! Isn't that a lovely way to screw your class over?! She gets an F+ from me because the Lord says to forgive.
4820023She bases class grade upon whether she remembers your name or not. Good students do bad, and bad students do good. She does not return the few homeworks she gives and doesn't honestly grade her exams. If you want to get screwed take a class with her.
5320012she is always at least 15 minutes late, takes forever grading your papers, and since she is a lawyer you come last. Oh and there are like no grades in her class i think she just picks out a grade from a hat.
4820012This lady is just OBNOXIOUS. She is rude and retarded. Till the 9th week of class we did not get out Test 1 Grades.
9920012I really enjoyed Prof. Jackson's course. If you read the chapter in the book and had a 5% knowledge of what she was talking about you got a good grade in her class. She doesn't put up with rudeness or anything like that, so if you are a slacker, don't take her courses. Otherwise I highly reccomend her.
4820004RUde RUDE RUDE RUDE LADY, doesn't care about students, makes confusing questions, I got away with a B somehow, attitude problem, and didn't show up for 35 minutes without apology or excuse to a meeting i had set up with her