RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Laura Bernhardt

9920023Intro to Philosophy - I read everything that was required and received an A. She has a good teaching style and presents in a way that makes the material seem intuitive and "common sense." Regarding papers (short: ~1 page), she is a strict grader and, between my friends and I, completely fair. I learned a great deal from her class.
9920012Excellent performance, stimulated and moderated discussion brilliantly... Social and Political Philosophy was quite possibly the most enjoyable and interesting class I have taken in my three years at RIT.
7820012Overall style is good... but bringing that stinking ass dog to class was not cool... For this she deserves a drop in a letter grade to c+
9520012A very funny philosopher. Accompanied by her faithful dog "Angel", Prof. Bernhardt always helps to get the old brain juices flowing.
9520012Very friendly, quizzes are quite easy if you do the reading, understands when "no one gets it" and will give "presents" such as not quizzing a hard assignment. Fair grader. DON'T goto class sleepy, philosophy WILL put you to sleep, just because of the nature of the subject. Same goes for the reading.
9920012I recived a B but her style is great. Very interactive and willing to help. all you need to do is be able to think and you will do fine. Concepts are not hard to grasp with a little work.