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Ratings for Lois Rixner

4820023This woman scared me away from CS so badly, I went on LOA for a year and switched schools. I came back and decided to give CS another shot. I hope she reads these because I want her to know that I haven't gotten a grade below a "B" in ANY of my CS classes and I'm graduating this year. When I needed help she made me feel so stupid and (from reading these reviews, I'm not the only one she did that to). If don't have her for a class, don't take her for one. If you did have her for a class, don't listen to a word she said to you. If you have her for a class now, question her at EVERY turn. Don't let her bully you or make you feel stupid, because you're not. Lois Rixner, I'm going to give you the same advice you gave me 3 years ago: "You should probably switch your career choice because this one doesn't seem to be working out for you."
4820023TERRIBLE the worst teacher i have had at RIT when u ask a question she makes u feel stupid for not understanding
4820023Took her for CS1 and had to take it all over again. Never explains the material real well and a very hard grader, eats students for the littlest of the mistakes on the code. The only professor on earth that would make a student sleep or read USA Today. Useless person in the entire RIT campus.
4820012It seemed as though while she knew the material, it was poorly conveyed. In addition, when I had her, a project that worked on my computer did not work on their computer, and I was sent an e-mail stating that I would just fail. Furthermore, she tried to deny me my right to take the final. While I do not pay for my grade, I pay for the right to get what I want out of the class, and that includes taking the final!
4820011cant teach
cant answer questions
i regret taking her class
enough said
consider this a warning
4820011I had rixner back in the day. 19991, and let me tell you a little something; she is the worst educater I've ever known. This includes college/high school/middle school/elementary/kindergarden/pre-school... You would be better off learning Java from a coffie grinding machine. She doesn't know the material and she actually sat in on other professor's lectures in order to try to learn it. You could correlate her lectures to watching paint dry, except watching paint dry is way more fun! I have never seen such a pathetic waste of a human being. She makes me want to vomit. If you're into a little vom-play by all means, take her class. Otherwise avoid it like the plague.
4820011mean look on her face...doesnt care if you learn or not....if you dont know the material...good luck with this class!
4820011My main reson for dropping out of CS, and into applied math. SPAWN OF SATAN!!!!! No sense of humor, No common sense, no leanancy on grading, and it's impossible to learn anything when she's yelling at people for asking questions.
8120003really not too bad. i guess i see why people complain about her - she's not the most friendly of people in the world. but i learned a fair amount in her class and i wouldn't have a huge problem taking her again
4820003I took her for CS2, I didn't learn anything besides what I learned in lab, and what I tauught myself from the book. She explains this very poorly, doesn't encourage questions, discourages learning, and does not grade fairly. I had two lines of code wrong and recieved a 51 on a project that was 20% of my grade. Very bad teacher.
4820003In one word: Terrible.
4820003"obnoxious" seems to fall short. Rixner is by far the worst teacher I have ever had. She's just here for the pay. she has absolutly no idea about the material.
she should team up with kovax, they both lack the essence of what makes a human being. Rixner, alnog with whomever hired her should be expelled. I am not paying good money at RIT to have such low rate teachers. not only i didn't learn anything in that course, but Rixner managed to confuse the h*ll out of me.
it is about time for someone to start looking into this matter closely, more than 75% of the voters gave her an F, I personally believe an F- is too much for her.
4820003I took cs3 with her back in 99. I came down with mono and only attended the first 2 weeks of class. When I later went to obviously withdrawl at the end of the quarter she refused to sign the form. I was sick you banshee. My department also refused to sign the form if she wouldn't. I later gave up and took the course over again. Lois, you have such a big heart, if more people were like you, the world would be a better place.
8820003Not a bad teacher, encourages questions. Her explanations are sometimes not very clear, but she is willing to clarify.
4820002The absolute worst teacher I've had in this entire school. Does not know what she's talking about. Discourages classroom participation. Belittles people who ask questions that she doesn't know the answer to. AVOID IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!!
5320002The grade explains it all
4820002AVOID HER LIKE THE PLAGUE!! i had her for cs1 lab but managed to avoid her for the lecture (whew..). she is the worst professor at RIT that i know of.
8520002Not bad.
8520002I liked how she used a lot of hand outs and overheads so we could get a better sense of the code.
9520002People don't give her a chance. At first I was scared off by how everyone said she was such a terrible teacher. The first day of my cs2 class I thought I was really in for a long semester. However, if you go to her for help she will help you as much as needed. She is my reason for not dropping out of CE because she helped me understand. I even gave her some suggestions about her teaching style and she is a very open woman to suggestion. She is a tough grader but fair and after that class I felt like I was ahead of the other students.
4820002She is far and away the absolute worst teacher I have ever had at RIT. She is extremely arrogant and rude. This attitude is not warranted given the fact she is a moron. Never ever take a class with her.. you will learn nothing.
4820002From what I thought, RIT was a dry campus. However, the person who hired this teacher must have been under the influence. Rixner is a horrible teacher, constantly accuses her students of cheating when they score a high grade, does not explain the material thoroughly, and is not willing to take the time to help her students. When approached about a questionable test grade, she immediately goes on the defensive. It is a marvel that she is still teaching at RIT. I would give her a lower grade if I could.
4820002The only CS professor I have every had that I
think should be fired. I have never found a
single redeming quality in her charactor or her
professional skills.
5320002Do not get this teacher. I didn't learn a single thing from her. She acts as if you're not trying when you don't understand her.
4820002Rixner is meaner and has more of an attitude than Judge Judy. I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than go to her class. She is the reason alone why I am no longer a CS major. I am a dumber person after taking her class. Stay away if at all possible, she is the devil.
4820002Teachers like this made me thing of leaving this school. It would have been nice if she knew the material she was trying to teach in class. When asked questions about class material outside of class, she directed me to someone else. HORRIBLE!
Hates questions, very condescending, annoying, never explains anything very well, writes like a second grader and gets angry at the students that dont get it right away. For the love of everthing that is holy, do not take Rixner's class.
8120002I felt compelled to vote for Lois because I did not have a bad experience in her class. While her lectures were not the most stimulating things in the world, she did a decent job of covering the material. I've also gotten to know her outside the classroom and she does know what she's talking about.
4820001Had her for lab. She's a horrible professor. Constantly hovering behind your back watching, waiting to strike at the smallest error. She's annoying and can never admit to being wrong.
4820001Useless human being. You should avoid her if at all possible. It would be more productive to crush cans on your forehead all day than to go to one of her classes. She makes you look stupid if you ask a question and her lectures are less stimulating than watching water boil.
5820001Pathetic teacher. She is boring and sometimes annoying. She doesnt seem to know the material herself. Useless person.
4820001learning cs from rixner is like trying to learn from a shaven chimp. she doesnt go over labs or quizzes ahead of time so u pretty much go into everything blind. horrible teacher id rather vomit on myself and walk around in it all day then take her again
5320001Almost turned me off to CS. I did not learn anything in class, the professor didn't explain the material or help me with my questions. Useless person that wasted a quarter of my school year.
4820001Presentation lacks depth.
Too little time for quizzess, which are too hard.
4820001Plain and simple she sucks! Stay away...her voice is like a sedative!
5820001Stay away from her. Not only does she not know what she is teaching, she makes you feel stupid if you ask a question. Tests are graded hard, mostly on things you learned 3 weeks before the test and usually are irrelevant to the real world. She also confuses herself just about everyday.
5320001Knows her stuff on occasion, but a horrible teacher. No people skills, is NEVER wrong. Very hard grader, needs to lighten up.
6819993In my opinion Rixner is one of the worst professors in the CS department. I took CS1 and 3 with her and often she was unable to answer realitively simple questions about the material. She has a very dry teaching style and accuses just about everyone of cheating if you do good on her tests!
6519993Rixner is a very dry professor who doesn t seem to know her material. Although I was able to seek help outside of class, her in class ability to teach the material is very lacking. Her tests are unbearable and her grading is even worse! With the amount of weight placed on the tests in CS2 she should be a little more fair. I will certainly never take another class with her if I can avoid it.