RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Mike Savka

9520023I liked him. His lab was interesting but his exams were extremely hard.. Good thing is he curves a lot which helped me to get A.
7120023he is not a bad person and knows a lot about his subject, but the man CAN'T TEACH. I couldn't help but fall a sleep in his class, and god knows I tried so hard not to. The man's favorit wored is "OK" and in one class periode, which is usually under 50 minutes he said "ok" 253 times, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!grrrrrr!!!Can you imagine how bored I must have been to count his ok's and the sad part is that I wasnt the only one. His tests are HORRIBLE. After hours of studying I got a B- the class average for the first exame was a 70 and for the second a 71 a whole one point differance GOODY!! The questions on his tests are unclear and ambiguous and so are the answers. Even if u will understand the question and know the answer you might not find it in his answers. If you have a choice DON'T TAKE HIM!!!! HE WILL SLAUTER YOUR GPA AND SMILE:)But if you will take him read the book and you will learn more than by going to his useless and boring lectures.
7120023Savka obviously has better things to do than teach intro cell bio, and he shows this through boring lectures during which he rushes through powerpoint slides faster than anyone can read. Uses horrible examples and metaphors, but they were entertaining, and the only thing that kept me awake.
8520012Dr. Savka is ok for Intro to Cell Bio. He tends to pick rather strange questions to ask on the exams, often they are small details about something much more important. His lecture style is straight from the book, although I have heard he is much better in Plant Biotech and Botany. I get the feeling that he is bored by teaching ICB.
7120012Dr. Savka is really a nice guy. Unfortunately, nice teacher doesn't mean good teacher. Intro to Cell Bio is taught straight from a factory made PowerPoint presentation by the book publisher. This is much better than last year's overheads, which he whipped on and off so quick you couldn't read it. Ok as a lab professor, but Frederick is much much better. He seems to be new to teaching, so he may just need some time to adjust. For now though, he's a C.
9920011He may go fast during lecture but is always willing to slow down and let the students finish before moving on. He also always answers the questions I have.
5320011He is like an animated Charlie Brown. In my opinion I learned better by reading the book than I did by him.
6820003Dr. Savka is a very nice guy, who genuinely cares about his students. His drawbacks are that he is new and hasn't gotten into a teaching groove yet, which translates into putting overheads up way to fast and being scattered, with MANY notes. He creates his tests to focus on details and not the proper scope of the class. He grades too strictly also.
9920003Dr Savka Rules
8820003He's very nice, and tries very hard, but sometimes he tries to do too much. He is very helpful in the lab, but occasionally forgets a reagent or something. However, any mistake he quickly fixes. He would be well served to give handouts to the class of his slides, because much of class is spent copying instead of learning.
8520002he is a great guy to know but not the best teacher....he goes very fast and gives tons of notes, and his test questions are sometimes a bit questionable
8120002Always willing to take time to help a student, but hasn't yet developed a good lecture technique. He gets a little confusing and tends to jump from one topic to another, somewhat unrelated one. The exams are also a little ambiguous, but he is a fair grader and adjusts when begged to.
7820002Savka puts up overheads so quickly that my hands hurt from taking notes. Then, I realized that they were almost exactly what was in the book so I gave up.
He is a very nice guy, I just didn't really click with his teaching style, I'd just go home and teach Intro to Cell Bio to myself.