RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Mike Yacci

9520012A very upbeat guy. I higly recommend him for Tech. Transfer.
9920012Very well people oriented and very good communication skills.
9520012I took Yacci for tech transfer. he's a little goofy, but his classes are fun and the work amount is reasonable. he is a fair grader and cares about his students.
9520012Great freshman seminar teacher (we're goin all the way back to fall '98 here)
9920011Mike is hands down the funniest professor I have ever had! His classes are a riot, but at the same time he gets his materials across in a very understandable manner. I look forward to his classes each week. This is one of the courses that I will probably actually use after graduation.
9920011I don't see how anyone can say anything bad about this guy. He's dynamic, funny, and has a genuine love for teaching, and for having people learn. I don't know of many other professors that I can say the same about.
9520003Humorous. Always has your attention. Nice and approachable. Very clear and easy to understand.
9920002He has the uncanny ability to make even the least interesting subjects the one that gets you out of bed in the morning (or afternoon as the case may be). With a finely honed self-depricating wit and a great teaching style, he'll have you wondering how you learned so darn much.
6820002Should not try to be so funny... not his strong point... instead, teach.
9920002best teacher in IT, great sense of humor, interesting classes
9920002Yacci is a good man.
9520002makes class interesting
9920002The most interesting lecturer at RIT, he has the ability to keep your attention for 2 hours straight and to make learning fun!
9920002My belief is that Mike is one of Info Tech’s shining stars! He helped me become interested school and kept that interest. I have now taken 5 or 6 courses with Mike and never fail to be disappointed. He tries very hard to learn everybody’s name in the class (and succeeds), which gives the class a more personal feel.
9520002He's really nice. Makes the class fun.... is knowledgeable.
9520001only had him for freshman seminar, but he's got some of the best ratings...humerous and friendly
9920001I like him. He's got a great sense of humor. He's the Best professor in IT. He's a wonderful, delightful,charming person. He's very Knowledgeable and an excellent teacher.
Last but not least, He loves coffee as much as i do :)