RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Michelle Lennox

4820023yes an f-
why? because she is a very unemotional teacher, which is not very helpful to the students at all. if the teacher isn't enthused about the subject, then how could the students be? she can be very rude to students whom she doesnt like, and she will make it very clear that she doesn't by barely answering your questions, almost like she's too good for you. not a good teacher. very strict and reaches out there in the bounds of never-never land as far as your quizzes and tests go.
6520023I had her for a joke of a lab. Out of a class of 15 students she never bothered to learn anyone's name. If you need to make up a quiz you better follow her to her office because otherwise she won’t be there and you should wear a name tag. Even if you speak to her and tell her who you are she can’t distinguish you from 15 other people 10 minutes later. Had no knowledge of technology, referred to an Ethernet cable as a gray cord. I am just glad I didn’t have her for a real class.
9120011Fair, but strict. She knows what she's talking about, and is good at teaching, but doesn't show much personality in class.
9520003Good teacher. Makes the class fun. Is there for help if needed. I think her quizzes are tough, but fair, and the fact the 2 lowest quizes are dropped makes up for their difficulty. I would definitely take another course with her.
9520003grrrrreat teacher! Very helpful and informative. Dresses really nice! Good/fair lab quizes and practical
9520003Very clear, very concise. Answered most question satisfactoraly. Recommend her for future Biology labs.
5320002She only gives one lab practical per quarter. We are only exposed to the subject matter for 3 hours per week. How are we supposed to remember all of this?

As a non-PA or pre-med student, this part of P&A is totally useless to me. She expects her students to make a diagnosis of a patient on a quiz, but we cannot look anything up. If I were to make a medical diagnosis on a person, the hospital I work for would have a HUGE lawsuit on their hands.

I think it is time that the Biology department here was revamped. They have to realize that not all of the students taking their courses are biology majors. The only reason I took this course is because it is a requirement.

6520002She is unenthusiasic about the material and knows nothing outside of the information that is clearly stated in the lab manual.