RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Mark Gorthy

9120023good guy
8820023A pretty good instructor, but gives so many in class notes it is hard to keep up or pay attention. Makes fair tests and homework.
9520012Really good professor. If you do the assigned work you will do very well in his class and you will also learn quite a bit.
9520012I've had two classes with Gorthy, and have looked forward to class. he's interesting and wants to make sure you understand what he's teaching. he takes time to work with you individually if you don't. overall, he is a really great guy and a great professor
9920003Mark Gorthy is an amazing professor! I have taken two classes from him and recommend any of his classes to any student. If you go to class and study a little you will get an A. He isn’t hard and he is really interesting! I look forward to going to class!!!
8520002Nice guy.Didnt learn much. He cares that his students learn.Research Methods was a bit rough.He taught the second class in the series.We learned nothin' the first class so our performance suffered in his class. He takes the time to walk you through things step by step. An excellent young professor. He teaches with an unbiased approach to criminal justice which is refreshing and rare for this department. I'd take him again. Great for GPA enhancer grades.Prepare to work though. He does not reward slackers.Great class discussions and has a genuine interest in allowing his class share their opinions.