RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Matthew Coppenbarger

8520023he wants his students to learn. I however... did not
8120023He is a decent professor but like most of the math professors at this school, he comes off a little arrogant at times. Homework is collected weekly and random problems get graded. If you didn't answer 1 or 2 correctly out of the 3 they pick to grade, it will hurt your average in a hurry. He does curve, however more than half the class got a D or lower on the first test (pre-curve) and he told us it's because we didn't know how to study. When that many people fail, the ball falls in the other court. Not the best professor, but not the worst.
9520023Unbelievably willing to help and genuinely wants you to do well. Makes the amterial challenging but at the same time does his best to make sure you understand. Very clear and concise, writes everything relevant on the board. Tests are hard but nothing surprising. Not very available only because he is in such demand, but he will do what is possible to make time for you. Great teacher, highly reccomended.
9520023Great guy! Helped me get through Calc 2 after taking it 2 prior times.
9920012Great Teacher
9920012Common guys you just can't ignore this professor because of time conflicts in your schedule at the time of registration. You ought to take him. He is the best, very fair in grading and often giving extra credit. Do well in test and you will et more than you deserve because he curves according to the performance of the class. I strong;y recommend him.
9520012Very interesting when it comes to helping students. Presents the material perfectly.
8520012He's a nice guy and a fair grader. My friend and I took him, and our major problem with him was his explanations were not all that clear. His tests are so-so, but he curves them to a decent degree. The biggest thing for me was the explanations. Some of the material I had already learned, and I still had a hard time understanding what he was saying. He expects you to remember stuff from years before and if something is derived from an equation you were given as a junior in high school, he might tell you at best, but he'll never write down the original equation. At times, I felt that I was listening to someone read out of a math book.
9920012No other professor in the department is as fresh and in tune with the student. Having him for Discrete I was a pleasure. He is the only professor I know that has office hours, participates in the COS Study Center tutoring, and participates in Drop-In tutoring. It's obvious he knows his stuff, and can present it in such a way that understanding it is easy. His lectures run in an extremely clean-cut and organized fashion. He uses the internet to post class averages and such, as well as solutions to every homework, quiz, and test. Discrete mathematics isn't supposed to be easy, it's some abstract thinking for the first time. With regular class attendance and diligent homework completion, this class become enjoyable. I pray that Coppenbarger stays at RIT for years!
9920012Great teacher. Explains thouroughly and covers everything. Tests are a bit long, but cover material well. Would love to have again!
9520012Dr. Coppenbarger is a good professor who grades homework and test fairly and is always open to questions. His lectures occasionally get a bit monotonous, but a groupwork activity each week infuses some variety into the routine. Overall, he is a knowledgeable and friendly professor.
9920012Awesome teacher, one of the best in the math department. Take him whenever you get the chance.
9920012Sometimes his tests are long - but he'll curve them accordingly. In the world of calc, he's the man!
9920012He's like a tiny god. He helps out when you need it, explains clearly, and doesn't look down at you for asking stupid questions. Definitely reccomended.
9520012I had him for both Calc 2 and 3. He is fair on tests and quizzes. If the class does poorly on a test, he'll try to help everyone out by removing some questions. I liked that his questions on quizzes and tests were predictable so I knew what to expect. Homework is not too hard. He gives mostly odds so I can check my answers. It takes me no more than two hours for each assignment. They were assigned once a week.
9920012He is awesome, very fair with grading and cares about the student and how they are doing. Knows everyone by name and is very helpful outside of class. Take him.
9120012This professor is excellent. He makes an effort to learn everyones name. He does his best to make sure everyone understands the material. The only complaint I have is he is a stickler on details. Which is expessically tough for me because I always look for short cuts. Still I highly recommend him
9520012Great teacher that knows the material and can teach it well. Very fair grading and homework policies. Excellent overall.