RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Martin Gordon

9520023Gordy is the man. I've had him for many classes over my last 5 years, and he's always been a decent guy. His in class teaching methodology may be a little akward, but he is good to go. I advise taking Gordy whenever you have the opportunity. WHOA!
9920023Gordon is a great teacher (statics), his tests are easy if you do the homework, which, sometimes isnt. very helpful and friendly outside of class.
9520011Always willing to help
9520003Proff Gordon is excellent. Techniques are great, and always wiling to help outside of class.
9520003Easy to get along with, helpful, understanding, knowledgable.
8120002The books that we use for the class are never clear!
8520002He is an alright guy but his grading system is a little wierd. Also he has a thing with not giving examples that are useful.