RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Michael Ruhling

8520023I have no background in music and took his class and yes, he did run a tough camp and expected a whole lot but he was fair...
6520013Ruhling expects students to have a strong background in music prior to coming into this class. He's intelligent in the subject, but expects way to much compared to fellow professors. I wish that I had the time to drop the course, it was that bad. I might receive my first D ever in a Fine Arts. Explain that one.
9920012Only take his class if you are really interested in music and want to learn a lot about it.
9920012Excellent professor. If you love music, you'll love his classes. He's by far the best professor I've ever had.
5320012Quite possibly the worst professor I have ever had. He intially expects everyone in his class to know history about music, and his course is pure memorization of dull facts. Don't expect to learn anything of value. All he cares about is to boost his own self-esteem in class, and make sure that his students know that his name is DOCTOR Ruhling.
5320012Ruhling treats this class like a grad level course. Don't expect to know anything, and if you want to study for ten on each exam choose him. The final is all listening... hard to know what is going on always. Boring. Overall the worst prof ever.
6120011Was a genuine a-hole every time I tried to talk to him. The work he assigned was memorize-oriented, felt like a high school class.
8820004A great teacher, but expects just a little too much for an introductory course.
9920003Dr. Ruhling is truly passionate about music, and encourages this interest in his students. Be ready to study for his class. He LOVES Haydn. :-)
9920002I was very apprehensive of taking this music class because I didn't know anything about music. But he was a great teacher. I didn't always get the listening parts right... but that was okay. I learnt an exceptional amount in his class.
8820002Excited about the material he is teaching. High expectation for outside concert attendance. 7 weekend concerts required! After first test, what to expect for other test was very clear.
9520002Very knowlegable, good presentation, gives many examples. Would take another course from him