RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Muhammed Shaaban

9120023very knowledgeable, but cant help to falling to sleep in his class.

can be really rude and mean for no reason.

a good teacher otherwise
9520012Very good teacher. Very thorough about making sure students understand (sometimes to the point of being repetative). Tends to be busy, so you should add a ~10 minute buffer to his office hours.
9520012Hard working and good teaching skills. No complaints with him.
9520004As a bonus he is the best professor I've had. His classes are all business as usual, full of slides and other goodies. His exams have a few undocumented features so your mileage may vary. The Computer Organization project costs full admission price but you should be able to pull it off.
9920002He's VERY concerned about the students. You look at the guy and think... isn't this how every teacher should be?
7120002Very good lectures and fair tests. Getting help outside of class is almost impossible. Very rude on some occasions.
9520002Good teacher. Class time is boring at times because all he does is show slides. But the slides are good and he is an easy grader. The slides are always available online. And he usually lets you use the notes for his tests.
9920002Great Teacher, always ready to help, makes the material of his lecture available for his students through the web, works alot on preparing his lectures, on of the best and friendliest teachers i had in RIT.
9920001Gift to Computer Engg. Dept. People like him come once in life time. The most sought after Professor in thw whole department.
9920001he is the best teacher i have ever seen.
The most organised guy in the deptt.
9920001Great professor, always willing to help students.
Great Man!
9920001He's "THE MAN" :)
9919994Very good instructor, willing to help and enjoyable classes. For sure an excellent person.
9519993Great teacher. Always willing to help. Good way of teaching complex concepts, but a very busy person.
9519993great professor, gives an excellent presentation of subject matter, notes are all online