RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Matthew Isaak

8820012A little looney but an honestly caring and dedicated teacher, he lets you know what's up straight fowardly...its a shame is being let go:(
9920012This guy is funny. He's lazier than you I guarantee it. Easy A here.
7520011probably the most boring class I have ever been in ... but my final grade was a full 2 letters higher than i should have gotten, which was the only redeeming factor for this class.
5320003Poor instructor... Missed two classes without warning students.. Did not follow syllabus.
9520003Matthew is a great profeesor. I really cares about you and that you learn. He will do anything that he can to make sure that you understand the material. He presents a very relaxed atmospere for his classes and it is a class that you really want to go to.
5820002Disappointing, first time I really felt like I was wasting my money. Teacher was continuously late and did not make the subject material very interesting.
8520002Is a smart teacher and tries to get us to teach ourselves. Sometimes works, other times not so well.
8820002He's a good professor. He's young and doesn't give hard work. The tests may be a bit tricky though. they are online!
7520002I dont know the teacher, I am taking PSI. I think that I might of seen him around sometimes, he kinda dresses funny (if that was him), but thats all i can say about him.
If u are those people who dont like going to class, are lazy, or just hate anything about RIT..don't take this class cause you think you'll get an A. Pretty much this isn't different from taking a class with a teacher in it, except that you dont have to go to class and fall asleep, before you go to your dorm room (or apartment) and teach yourself by reading the book. So if your very busy and you want to have a little extra time.. take this class!! If u want an easy A..take a different liberal art class. Other than that, I'd take this class with a teacher so you can at least remember something they said on the test. Sorry Slackers! BBoyE =)
7820002he is a smart teacher however, I learn nothing from him (I got an A two times from his course and I learned nothing...) he never participates the students and is too easy to "bend". Once he said "for this take home exam, you are only allowed a 3X5 cheat sheet, and NO open book!!" duh, like we wouldn t open our books at home!!!
8520001He doesn't really teach a whole lot and relied on many group presentations to take up time. Getting a good grade was very easy though, and for me, that's all that mattered here. He's a friendly guy too and class is pretty laid back.
6520001For intro to psche: The class consisted to listening to group presentations over chapter in the book that we could get much more out of just reading. He'd be a good teacher if he'd do the teaching, but unfortunately that's not the case. Pretty nice guy, I just don't like his teaching style.
9919993Matthew Isaak is an oustanding Professor and any comments made about him that insinuate otherwise are simply not true. He goes out of his way to involve his students in lectures by asking their opinions and holding "Seminar" days. He frequently has them present/perform research projects for his courses. He is always available for students to come to him with their problems, whether they are academic or otherwise. He has helped several students this quarter that were never in any of his courses! He has always been there for me no matter what and I know he would do anything to help me. I hope that if anyone reads this that they will know that Matthew Isaak is a dedicated Professor that is not only knowledgable but personable. He loves his job and it shows in his courses and how he interacts with students. I would strongly recommend to anyone to take one of his courses.