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Ratings for Marvin Gruber

9520023learned alot. you should watch him bike to work. ;-)
6520023Terrible professor. I didn't learn a thing by going to class. He kind of mumbles to himself while writing things, making it very tough to follow along. The only way you can pass is to read the book and use the notes off his website. Try to avoid him if possible, but if you're like me, and RIT only offered this one class, then you're screwed. Get the "idear"?
8520023Had him for Prob and Stats I. Not bad, not great. Read the book before coming to class and you'll get a lot more out of the lectures.
4820023If your in the class to learn don't bother, he is horible the test aren't that bad if you can teach yourself the material because you wont learn a single thing from him and the fundamentals will completely escape you as he rambles on in class often blocking your vision of what it is he's writing on the board. I've had people say use the online resouces he posts, that would be fine if it weren't for the fact that half the time they're wrong and misleading. try not to take him if possible if your forced to take him, review the homework problems he assigns there may be a lot of them but it's the only way to pass his class since you wont learn anything in class.
4820012The people from the band "TOOL" should invite him to play frontman in their band.
5820011Doesn't explain ANYTHING. Then he turns around and complains about his lazy no good class to his other classes. Will make sure to point out everything about himself, and about how you all suck because you don't ask questions and because nobody got anything resembling a good grade on his test. He likes to hack off excessive amounts of points whenvever anything is wrong. Sure, I managed to get an A, but I had to do ALL of the effort outside of class to learn the material. Sometimes he will get annoyed whenhe makes a mistake andwill perform such antics as throwing the chalk across the room at the blackboard. Seriously. Ermph. Avoid him.
8820003Gruber wasn't a great teacher, but a very fair grader. If you asked him a question about a problem, he told you the answer, not how you get the answer. I had him for Data Analysis I lab and Data Analysis II lecture. His tests weren't hard and he let you correct them after he graded them to get your points back.
6520003I hate his lectures. I would rather die than to have to listen to what he says in class. Exam are easy, but I would prefer to have a good professor and not have to learn from the book. I personally don't recomend him. Everything that everyone wrote about him is true... bad jokes, boring lectures, easy exams...
9520002Knows his stuff well, and teaches well. Nothing else matters.
8120002boring.. but its statistics
4820002The worst professor i think i've had. Couldn't explain the subject clearly at all, graded very rough, your only chance of learning the material is out of the textbook
7520002He is an okay professor, but he is not organized person. Made too many mistakes during the lecture and often wipe the blackboard with his hand. Sometimes, he talked too much, causing some frustration. If he can just get to the point, he could be good professor.
4820001I hate him.
7119993Talks too much, annoying, but mostly harmless.
8819993He s an OK teacher. Not the best, but covers the material in depth and is always willing to help students out.
9119991Dr. Gruber is a good professor who knows the subject well. His teaching style is not the best and it is followed by the same jokes for all the 10 weeks of the quarter. He is a nice person and if you are prepared to work in his class you will do well. He helps you do well! I had him for Data Analysis I.