RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Mathew Healy

4820023Worst professor I have ever had at RIT. Racial Discriminator, hard grader, tests are hard, not accomodating at all, arrogant, i wish there was a lower grade than F-. Not fit to be a professor at all.
4820023Arrogant nerdy professor. Refuses to hear arguments on any level that suggest he is wrong about something. He will set very very strict guidelines and missing minor points will result in massive penalties. Expect a very legnthy and detailed written programming test, yes one of those great tests where you get to write lines upon lines of code with a pencil and have to recall in insane number of miniscule details. Please do yourself a favor and don't put yourself through a Matt Healy course, you will regret it.