RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Morton Isaacs

6820023Not an interesting teacher. Teaches material in a lecture format and the tests are alright. I would try and take someone else before taking him.
9920023Excellent professor. Uses various stories to illustrate what he's teaching. It's a pleasure to be in his class.
9120023tough but very entertaining and interesting
7520012had him for psych psi. seemed boring. glad i took the psi course so i didn't have to listen to him much.
9920012Great Professor! I love him... I took him 19971 my freshman year, and this guy rocks!
9920012This professor is one of my favorites of any RIT professor. He's extremely nice and funny and you learn a ton in his classes. Out of classes he's the kind of guy I would like to just chill and talk with.
9920012Tremendously nice guy. Very knowledgeable and keeps it interesting.
9920012Great teacher. One project for the whole year, no other hw. Easy tests and easy final.
9920011Great professor, very good at teaching the material. Makes you read the book and come to class. You fail if you don't. Even I got a 92 on the final, so its not really a bad class. Multiple choice tests, whcih are very, very nice. Hypnotized a kid and made him forget the number 7. If that isn't cool, tell me what is.
9520011He’s good, very good. He knows his field of study inside out, and he knows what it takes to teach it. His exams can bit a little tricky, but if you take good notes in class and review them before each exam you will do fine. The final was a little harder than the other exams, but still reasonable. Reading the book is not really necessary although it helps. In Social Psychology he made everybody do a research project, which was pretty cool - makes a change from quizzes and exams. A really nice guy and very approachable. Uses lots of real life examples to support the theory in class. I’d take him again if I get the chance.
9520003His lectures are an inspiration to me! Great interaction and rapport with the students. Study hard for his exams and you'll do fine.
9520003Dr. Isaacs is awesome. hes very engaging and very nice. i like his teaching style. hes a very fair grader, one of the few who will actually listen to a student if they feel they deserved to get questions right on his tests. as for the tests, theyre tricky...if you go to class and read the chapters, they should be cake...but if you only do one or the other, you can probably skate by with a B....the only thing thats not great, is the papers...he expects a lot, and it takes way too much effort to get an A on a paper for isaacs.
6820003Missed two classes... without warning students. Never followed the syllabus.
9519994Engaging and interesting, will involve you in discussion whether you want to or not. Watch out for the hypnosis in abnormal psych!
9919993Great teacher, tells a lot of stories while teaching and EAGER to hear you talk... assertive and fun.. however, tests are TOUGH... I just love going to his classes.