RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Mark Indelicato

9120023I liked Mark, his class taght me a lot and was open for us to ask questions. I sometimes wished there was a little more structure, however. I felt like sometimes we were getting a couple of different answers for testable stuff, and it would help if the notes were easier to take (you make your own up as you go). Nice guy, lots of fun, and doesn't throw his weight around.
8520003Good professor. Very knowledgeable and not cocky about it. Reasonably demanding.
9520003Super great guy. He knows his stuff and if he doesn't, he doesn't pretend to know it. He makes you learn and keeps class interesting.
8820003His name is Mark Indelicato, not "Indelicato Mark". Anyway, he is one of the nicest teachers I've encountered#a slacker with style, he knows his stuff. Very easy to talk to, very understanding. Tests are reasonable, grades fairly and tends to round up for final course grades.