RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Michael Lacina

8120023Slow talker. Kinda of boring but hey it is accounting.
9920023A great teacher! He is very helpfull both in class and office. He also spreads the points over h/w, projects, quizess & tests.
Make sure you attend all the classes.
7120012I had him for cost & mangerial and it was the most boring class I have ever had. He gives you handouts of the notes that you will need and than will proceed to read them to you for the next four hours, like you are unable to do it yourself. All you need to do is attend for the first hour to get the notes and you will be all set.
9520012I liked this professor very much. He explains everything in details and makes sure that all students understand it. Sure, accounting has always been a boring occupation, but I learned a lot from his class. I encourage all students - take Managerial accounting. You will elarn a lot.
9920002Great professor, makes accounting very logical and easy to understand.
9520002Very good professor. Gives out helpful packets and does a good job of applying the material to real life. He also gives out a 5 week evaluation for the students to fill out and actually makes alterations to the course based on them!