RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Michael Vernarelli

7520023Not a very understanding professor. Exams are not hard but I dont like his style of teaching. I felt like I didnt learn anything in his class once the quarter ended. He is a very tough grader also, at times very unfair. Definately AVOID HIM!!! Not a goof prof.
8820023He is a good teacher! If you attend all the classes and take notes you should do well. Take the term paper very seriously, your final grade will depend on it.
He is somewhat rough on the edges, don't take it personally.
8820011Good teacher, tests were hard, but doable. take him for economics II, but stay away for economics I.
9120002Great teacher... Takes student feedback very well
8120002This guy is HARD. It may seem stupid... I've always gotten Cs in his class. But I've taken him 3 times. He teaches well... but has high standards for his exams. He always has essay exams... and he wants graphs.... without fail :-)
9120002very caring! great teacher