RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Marla Schweppe

4820023useless. I'm relieved she's gone
9920012Great teacher. Very understanding of problems and open to many new ideas. Very helpfull, and she has a lot of knowledge about animation.
9920012great proffesor
6120011Seems like she does not bring enough energy to the class.
That makes the students to react the same way, (being not to interested in the assignments).
Beside that she cares the most about the students issues and department in generaly.
9520004A careing person. She's a great advisor, and a teacher for Animation or Film. Though, now as Head of the Animation Department, she seems to shine. Take her if you can.. I've always liked her criticism.
9520001She is very good with story development and giving just the right amount of advice.
9120001Helpful professor open to a broad range of possibilities