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Ratings for Marna Rossi

5320002Dr. Rossi is a nice woman, if you want that grandmotherly kind of relationship. The class was incredibly slow, leaving us to learn practically nothing. The ONLY thing I learned from her was how to say the word "Amygdala." She spent incredible amounts of time on the first chapter, and by the end of the quarter, I think we might have gotten through 4 chapters total. The final exam was pathetic, and she made us do some horrible group project afterwards. Class AFTER the final! All in all, I do NOT recommend this professor. Even for an easy "A". Unless she knows your name, you won't get an "A." And if you try and tell her that you got A's on all the quizzes and attended class, she is very unwilling to work with students. Bad choice.
5320002The only reason she doesn't get the F- is because she is a sweet lady. She doesn't belong in front of a class full of people who may want to learn. We had no tests, because we learned nothing to be tested on. We were given many assignments, which is ok, if she would collect them and use them for grades. I swear she will just be making up the grades based on if she remembers who you are when she's going through her roster. I left her lectures with a headache everytime. All we did was listen to her theory on learning and how we need to think more and be creative. I felt like I was back in kindergatren. Halfway through the class, she finally told us how we would be graded (only because we brought up our concerns about it) Her reply was that we would be graded big on class participation and attendance, and then on the assignments that we took the large amount of time to complete, then they were never collected, or graded. In my opinion, anybody who showed up and sat through those painful lectures deserves the A. But that won't happen either. Don't take her classes... not even if you want an easy A, because some of the people that should have the A probably won't get one. She would improve her classes greatly if she would just get herself organized and work with a plan. She drove our class NUTS because of this. I really wanted to learn this material, but we only covered 4 chapters, and we didn't learn anything in those chapters either. She never is available outside of class, even if you make an appointment (she won't show up) and she NEVER answers her email. If your looking for a psych teacher, take Hetzel or Harnish.
7820002I had this professor 19992 and she was quite bad. Everything she did was right from the book in this horrible monotone voice. You would be better off taking PSI.
5320002"Shoot me. Shoot me now.
She thinks we're learning. I can't see how. Our class moves so slow, I swear as I sit there, I can see my hair grow.

A mere 5 minutes into class and my mind is gone. I never knew how much 2 hours could drag on and on. Each day we fall further behind. I', so bored I'm losing my mind.

We go so slow we'll get through half the material at best. Anything is more fun than this - even a calc test!

Halfway through the course, and still on chapter 2. There are 7 more chapters to go. What are we going to do?

She goes so slow we can't help but space out. But she thinks we're confused, without a doubt. The real problem is our lack of speed. It's not a slower, but a faster pace we need.

Despite what she thinks, the books is easy to read. It's very straightforward - clear indeed."

I wrote the above poem when I had Rossi for Intro to Psych in 20001. We were 6 WEEKS behind by the end of the course because we spent 4 weeks on 1 chapter, when we should have done 4. Attendance counted 25% of our grades, which is the only reason anyone went to her "lectures." Rossi mostly talked about how she didn't like lectures and wanted to make the class an interactive workshop. What a lie.

All the questions on our final were supposed to come from in class tests. Since we only took 4 of the 10 or 11 she planned, our final took less than 15 minutes. She then had the audacity to hold one more class AFTER everyone finished the final, further wasting our time.

We learned nothing in lecture. What little we learned was from the text. Class was not pleasantly slow, but PAINFULLY SLOW, like if you had to go back to first grade and do everything at the pace of the first graders.

Rossi is very easy, but even if you want an easy A, I'd say don't even consider her. I spent my classes trying to learn to write with my left hand, just to try and stay conscious. I'm not joking either.

Overall, Rossi is a nice lady, but a horrible teacher. Anyone that says they like her really means they liked getting an A without learning anything or doing anything.
9920002Dood trust me she is tha bomb