RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Michael Kotlarchyk

9920023Extreamly good professor. Modern physics is an hard subject to grasp because it is all theory, there is no way to prove any of it. He did an excellent job explaining the material the best he could, and he made it interesting. If I did better in it I might persue it further.
7120012His teaching skill is very good. He takes his time and try to teach everything that the book will cover. One thing is worst about him is that he always give a lot of homework assigment and tough test. It is very hard to pass it becuase he only give the toughest problem he can find. How can we pass if the class average is VERY LOW.
8820012very good teacher, will make you learn the material. very hard for labs.
8820012Funny how only one person gave him a bad grade so far. Maybe that's a reflection of the student's stupidity, not the professor's teaching. Very stimulating in class and enjoys what he teaches (a rare commodity at RIT). His only downfall was assigning webass.
9520011I had him for lab, and he was pretty good. It was hard coming from an easy lab to his lab, which was considerably harder, but once you get the hang of it it's not a bad lab at all.
9520011Great professor, makes you work but you learn the material, he is always available, and if you have any questions you can go and ask him
9920003This is definitely one of the better physics professor's I know of at RIT. His was of presenting the material is so clear I can't see anyone not understanding it, but it is university physics so doing it is another thing. He is almost always available outside of class, encourages questions in class, and just is flat out a great professor. He's very fair in grading tests, strict but fair. I highly recommend this professor.
8820003He was well organized, clear, and concise. He taught out of the book alot. He encouraged questions all the time. I would take this professor again.
9520002Brilliant professor, but his class is in no way easy. You will have to work hard in his class, but you will come out of it knowing everything very well. Encourages questions in class and does a great job explaining everything. Easy to find and is helpful outside of class.
9920002He's a great teacher. You will learn very well from him. His in-class experiments help you better understand the theoretical physics. He asks and encourages questions in class; and challenges your mind. And, needless to say, he knows his stuff very well.
8120002He's a good teacher but the tests seemed a little difficult and uses those stupid Webassign things. Only 3 submissions.
9519993Very hard teacher, but you learn your stuff. He was also very available outside of class.