RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Michael Van Wie

9920023Dr. Van Wie is the man, plain and simple. In my experience, he has been the most effective, most accessible, easiest-to-relate-to professor at RIT. Everyone likes the dude, too. Very laid back, very cool teacher.
9920023Had him for Professional Communications, taking him again for Operating Systems. A little disorganized at times, still knows the material and teaches it well. Friendly and approachable if you need help. Definitely recommended.
9920023Awesome professor, had him for CS1 and CS2 and lab, would take him again if he taught CS3. Very laid back and easy to talk to. His tests as well as project grading are very lenient, come to class and you will get a B or better. He seems a little disorganized at times, but he obviously knows the material and does a good job of teaching it.
9120023A bit boring at times, but CS2 seemed to do that. Great teacher, easy tests, easy to come to for questions, and graded projects pretty thoroughly but not by grading really harshly. I recommend this man for future CS classes.