RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Madhu Nair

4820023Too strict and bad grader... but avoiding him if impossible... total a**hole! i wish he dies =(
6520023This professor is one of the worst that I have ever taken a class from. You will never get a straight answer from him or any help. In C++ he kept every single one of our assignments, we never knew how we were doing because he was too lazy to grade them and hand them back. The only grade you got was for your tests which the computer graded. Otherwise I am sure you wouldn't know that either. Definitely a poor teacher.
7520012Average Professor at best. Nice guy though. Class example tend to be much easier than anything you will see on exams.
4820011i hate him. he is my NIGHTMARE.you dont learn anything and you cant get any help. i only learned something from the TA's ..and get help from each other(think that nobody learns)grading is terrible. exams are too hard because you dont know anything. you only show up in the class. thats all. 1/2 of the students withdrew his class but unfortunately because i had to take it, i couldnt. but i'm failing now. although my classes are pretty well i couldnt do anything here. dont ever take his class. exactly needs to be fired.
4820011does not like students. does not want to help.
4820011Horrible professor. Cannot teach at all. Has to hire student "labbies" in order to teach his students the concepts. I had him for "Computing for Engineers". I learned a lot in the class, but only by teaching myself. Giving birth to an elephant would be less painful.
7120011he's a decent teacher but not a good one. the grading is horrible and he's a pain sometimes
4820004He needs to be fired or get a serious reality check. It pisses me off what an unprofessional teacher he is. Unacceptable - but oh, wait, I paid $6,000 for this quarter...apparently it is acceptable at RIT.
7520003Concepts were hard to understand. Teaching was mainly out of the textbook and the format of the class was boring.
7820003Ugh, I did not enjoy the class with him at ALL. I barely understood what he was talking about. To make matters worse, the amount of work was unreasonable, and it was boring. Concepts were introducted in a boring way, and it really was kind of eeech. I would recommend a different teacher. Nice guy, but as a teacher... nah.
7520003I have had him twice. All you need in his class a pillow to sleep well. Everything he teaches is "READ OUT OF THE BOOK". Very very unclear explanations, and gives unreseaonalble amount of work.
4820003terrible teacher who doesn't care about his students. His grading is very hard and his teaching is even worse
7120001Nice guy but the projects...the horror, the horror!!!
8120001nice enough guy, willing to help if you can find his office. projects are a pain in the neck
7519993Class examples were to easy and programming projects were to hard.
9119993All around good guy, Really depends on the class and the subject. Strict programming grades but is really easy going otherwise, if you can handel the programing it should be ok, if it is not a programing course I would definetly do it.
4819993Very unconcerned about his students. Does not have a teaching style conducive to learning. Grading policy is very subjective. Extremely condescending in a manner which suggests lack of respect for students.
7819993Good teacher but a pain in the ass.