RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Mark Dupre

9920023Awesome professor. I had him for film arts. You really learn a lot about an interesting topic and the class isn't very hard. He teaches very well.
9920023Awesome Professor. Extremely interesting lectures. I had him for film arts and american films class. His tests were easy and he shows a lot of films.
9920012A teacher's worth isn't based on how easy his tests are (although they were pretty easy). DuPre really teaches well. He's in touch with the students and with his material. Some of the movies he picks are kinda bad, but that's mostly opinion. Good teacher, good class!
9920012Awesome teacher. Very fair. Isn't picky about every little detail and just wants you to learn and presents the material very well.
9920012he's funny and interesting, and he makes you watch movies you wouldn't rent, and they are all pretty good. i'm very happy i took this class, not because i got an A, but that i appreciate older movies now, such as citizen kane and casablanca. its a fun class, and easy, take it!
9920012I had Dupre for Film Arts. This is an awesome class, and he is an excellent professor. He knows his stuff, and makes the class exciting and interesting. If you need to take a class for 0505 take Dupre.
9520011The classes are interesting and the tests and quizzes are pretty easy.
9520011Easy going guy, tests are cake and he gives you the questions too. Very approachable professor. Interesting class.