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Ratings for Michael Richmond

9920023"Stupendous man" is the best professor in the physics department. He really knows the material. His lectures are very lively. His hw constitute good reality based problems for which you would ofter have to do some productive research work. His tests may get challenging. If you are used to spoon feeding or have minimal understanding of physics, don't take this prof and brood about it. You can earn a lot of exta credit points. He his generally available and helpful but again if you dont work before you see him, he will not be of much help. For all you serious people out there, if you get a chance, do what ever it takes to get into his class.
9120023I had Professor Richmond for Stellar Astronomy, and although I ended up spending more time on the class than I had expected, I learned a ton and really had a lot of fun. Prof Richmond is really helpful when it comes to answering questions outside of class; he was always willing to meet with me and you could really tell he *wanted* you to learn and understand the material.
9520023Had him for College Physics III. Great professor! Actually cares about the students. This is one of the few classes I've taken at RIT where I acutally learned something. The rest of the RIT Physics dept. has a lot to learn from "Stupendous Man". Do whatever you can to get in his classes!
9920023hes the most interesting physics prof i ever had. hes even a good friend.
9920023A great teacher and a great guy. As far as I'm concerned Richmond is THE best physics teacher this school has. He is energetic and cares about his students. Our class has about 80 people and he knew the name of almost everyone in the first couple of weeks. His notes are all online and accessable 24-7 and he uses webwork for hw. His quizzes are all multiple choice and quite simple if you spent 5 minutes scanning the material before class. At 8am he is engergetic enough to jump around and show odd experiments to help prove his points. The only problem with him is that his tests are insanely hard, but with independent thought and doing the work, all the problems are doable. He is almost always in his office, or on campus and is willing to help. Active in the Anime Club, and often is in the gym. A very personable and smart teacher.
9920012"stupendous man" is a great physics prof, he is eerily energetic even at 8am, but it keeps your attention. great examples, homework system is weekly online and very clean, he is an amazing help outside of class. i've never bothered meeting my acedemic adviser but have met with richmond many times he has been a huge help. tests are moderate, involve thinking slightly past the standard examples
9920012I had Dr. Richmond for University Physics I. His homework submission system used webworks (unlimited submissions) and not webassign (Big difference!). His quizzes were frequent, but they were very easy if you spend 5 minutes reading the section he assigned before class. His tests were not overly difficult if you know the concepts he covered and understand the homework. He goes over one section a day and entertains questions about homework on Fridays. Overall Dr. Richmond is tough but fair. If you enjoy physics and want to work hard for a grade you deserve take this professor. If you are going to complain about not getting anything higher than a C when you do minimal work don’t take him. This professor does not deserve the ignorant comments from slackers who think they deserved a better grade for their minimal effort.
9920011I've now had Dr Richmond for two University Physics courses, one MatLab course, and two Physics major courses. He is an incredible teacher, knows what he's talking about. He can be a goof sometimes, but it makes class that much more fun and interesting, unlike some of the other professors here. And no, he DOESN'T favor the physics majors (I know because I am one), he actually expects more of us. Quizes just about evey day on that day's material, and he tell's you what to study the class before. Notes are always available online, and are very clear-cut with lots of example problems, and explinations of where each concept comes from. Homework is online, NOT WEBASSIGN, but much much better, with some problems taken right from the book. Tests are a combination of one or two easy problems, one or two hard problems, and some exact reiterations of homework problems or in-class examples. Plus, he gives a curve based on the class averages, which is nice. Highly reccomended for any Physics course.
7520011I gave him a C cos thats what I got in the class. He teaches well and he knows all the concepts. great guy overall but his tests are wayyyyy too hard. I took advanced physics in high school and i thought the class would be cake until i got his first test which just threw that A right out the window. worst part is he doesnt even curve. he needs to work on his grading a lot!
7520003he's a good teacher if you want to learn, however don't expect a good grade. his final was nearly impossible, and his tests were tough. he told us he curved grades, 4 people out of 120 or so got an A, thats not the right proportions at all
9120003Nutty professor- likes to tease people with his questions and demonstrations. Great teacher to work with.
4820003Oh My God!! This is possibly THE WORST professor I have had at RIT so far (except for my Calc teacher who smelled like BO all the time, but go to Culakova and find out what I said). He does jump around like a fairy and he talks with his eyes closed with bugged the 5hi7 out of me. Just don't take him, whatever you do. Gnaw your arm off to get out of taking his class if need be. He knows how to speak Japanese, so I say that he should just go there and never come back (for humanities' sake, as well as anyone that might take him). He does favor the physics majors, and gets pissed if you make fun of them for getting something wrong. But, he will make fun of you if YOU get something wrong. All in all, a grade F teacher, a grade A+++ a55h0le.
7120003A Very good professor - but his grading policy needs A LOT of work. very hard tests / final was impossible. so, you'll learn a lot but you will get a bad grade...
9920003Love his Riddler/magician like personality.
9920003Just so you know, the primary reason that people give Richmond bad grades is because he returns the favor. Don't expect an easy A in his classes. However, he is one of the few teachers I have found that actually make learning Physics enjoyable and interesting, which to me is far more important than getting an A instead of a B. The quizzes that everyone complains about are only to see if you have *read* the material he is lecturing on. They involve 3 very simple concept questions that should not give anybody who can read English a problem. That being said, if you must have an A in every class you take, avoid him like the plague. If you want to learn Physics, on the other hand, go for it.
9920003Know's his stuff and can teach. Good combo
9520002very good teacher... explains everything well.. quizes are different and can be a pain, but if you go to class every day, he makes the class fun and easy to understand
9120002Organized, good teacher, a bit strict grade wise, but lots of extra credit offered.
8820002He makes class interesting, but his tests are a bit tough. All of his lessons relate directly to real life. I'd recommend him b/c he curves the grades.
9520002Very good teacher. Knows most of the class by name (and it is a 60 or so person class). His lectures are informative, and, believe it or not, even entertaining. As a physics major, I may have a different view of him than most, but I found his course to be relatively easy. His tests are hard, but if you work at all, its not so bad. Plus, he looks at the grades and then bases the curve on that. Plus, he is a great guy outside of class as well. Very amusing to just sit and talk to. And also very open to walk in office hours...if he is there, just knock and go in.
9520002"Sometimes you look in his eyes and it seems like someone else is driving." Makes Physics fun! Only class I've had where a teacher puts notes on the board then asks students questions about the material written directly infront of them. You MUST go to class though. If you want to skip, don't take Richmond. But if you want fun with Physics, go for it. A kid even fell off a chair.
8820002Richmond is an especially good lecturer. Constantly trying to spice up the lectures and keep them interesting, and does so well. The man is also organized almost to a fault, and is a very nice and approachable person. Acts a little eccentric at times, though. For example, I said something in class he took offense to, and he noted something in his grade book – I just do not know what. Also is an obscenely strict grader, but still manages to be fair. If you are strong in physics or are willing to learn a good deal about it while struggling, take him. If you are looking for an easy A, don’t.
8820002I really enjoyed class with Richmond and he definitely made it interesting. He was also very innovative and VERY organized. Unfortunately, I would get all caught up on the questions and not really do that well on the tests. I thought they were real hard. Also, the hand-in homework hurt me instead of helping.
7520002Ok heres my spiel: He's a good teacher, notes and everything is all online for reference, he'll get you to learn the material mostly. His grading on the other hand, couple quizzes and a homework assignment every week, quizzes are on reading BEFORE he teaches you, and tests are not like the homework and difficult. I know the material extremely well but got a C in the class and worked my butt off.
9120002Very good teacher - makes Physics interesting.
9520002Excellent professor. He is enthusiastic, helpful and he really makes physics enjoyable. All his class problems and examples are based on real life situations that you can relate to. Good grading scheme compromising of exams, quizzes, homework’s & extra credit. My only complaint is that he will give you quiz at the start of a class, before he has taught you the information you need for it. So you have to read the sections in the book before going to class. Other than that, couldn’t fault him. A lot of professors here at RIT could learn a thing or 2 from Richmond.
8820002One of the best teachers in the department. He does a good job teaching in class and makes it entertaining. He's a hard teacher but you willknow your stuff when you leave his class. He is easy to find outside of class and is willing to help. I reccommend him for Physics I (which is what I took him for)
8520002Well, I guess he's OK compared to the rest of the bunch. So, if you really don't like him, it'll be pretty tough for you in Physics. I didn't like that class because it was hard for me, but I don't blame Richmond for it. I didn't like the guy, but it hadn't much to do with the way he taught - I got a C and I was happy. Here are the stats from his last Univ. Physics I class - out of 122 people: 4 got A's, 17 B's, 47 got C's, 17 got D's, 37 got F's... Bottom line - if you have a brain you should at least get a C in his class, and those that got F's and D's are probably the 43 (?) percentile that don't make it to the end... Sad...
9920002keeps your attention, knows the material well and can teach it. you will do fine if you never miss class and always do the homework.
8820001Richmond is an outstanding teacher. I learned a lot from him. He grades fairly, but the grading system itself is a tad unforgiving. But the amount you learn will be worth it.
9919993Dr. Richmond is a very enthusiastic professor, and I am glad to go to his class. I enjoy learning from him as he gives great examples of the material we should be learning as well as a little comic relief. I wish I could have him for more of my classes!
8819993Great teacher, it is really fun to be in his class. However, all the homework and quizzes(once or twice a week) are annoying
9919993Dr. Richmond is a very enthusiastic teacher, who may not always think through everything before class, but if someone points out an inconsistency, he is more than willing to investigate, and even admit that he is wrong.
6819993If your desire is to learn Physics, take him, If your desire is to be rewarded for what you learn in Physics with a grade you deserve, don t take him. I know all the content really well but because of quizzes he gives before teaching, very tough homework, and nearly as tough tests, the grade I will recieve will not come close to reflecting how well I know the material I have learned.