RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Mark Price

9520023He is a good teacher with a great store of knowledge about what he teaches. However, he doesn't give a lot of work, and grades more on the quality of your writing and your participation in class.
9920023great guy. loves teacching and does a good job doing so
5320023this man knows not what he does.
9920023Awsome Professor! had him for Writing and Lit 1 and 2 made lectures interesting, and didnt make you read moutains. highly recomended
9120012Very good teacher to choose. He's fair and doesn't give much work at all. I didn't hand in 1 of 3 out of class essays and still got a B. Very cool guy overall.
7120012Contradicts himself on many subjects. Likes to hear himself talk and then asks why the class isn't responding so he just talks more. Take Price if you want a relatively easy Writing and Lit prof but can settle for a C or D.
5820012He dose not teach.all he dose is lecture. He gives poor advice and never explains things. He also ignores questions and makes you feel like an idiot for asking.
9920011awesome writing and lit teacher, doesn't expect the world from a engineer because they aren't literature majors
9120011very nice and concerned for students. Lots of short story reading and discussion.
8520003Can be a bit boring sometimes. Wouldn't recommend for a 2 hour block. I had him for writ. and Lit 1 and 2 and got an A and B. The class is easy if you do the work.
7520002english class has never been interesting and i was prepared for it to be boring so that didn't matter. I took this class in 2 hour blocks and 90% of the time we got out an hour early. is a fair teacher.
6820002Boring and self abosrbed. Grading is not based on how well you do on tests but rather what he feels like giving you. Unavailable during office hours.