RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Narayan J. Kulkarni

7520023Hes boring. i got him for Datacomm1 and the test avgs were as follows 65 for exam 1 59 for exam 2. something doesnt seem right when exam scores are that low. the projects are easy, if u have problems with C++, refresh your skills before taking this course. Hes very specific, it would be smart to take someone else
5320023(DataComm1)He lectured directly from notes which he didn't seem to understand. Became flustered when students asked questions. Uses Ken Reek notes/tests/handouts but isn't Ken Reek so the material is very difficult to learn. Open book tests are nice, but problems are often impossible even with them. I got 100% on all projects and still got a D.