RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Nancy Wanek

9920023pay attention in class and you'll learn alot
8820023Had for Gen Bio. Lectures aren't super interesting but tries for class involvement. Read the book as you go along. The practice tests in the study guide and online help a lot for tests.
8520023Not the most exciting teacher in RIT. Yet she's friendly and does her best... curves test scores occassionally!
6120012Good lecture teacher, but when it comes to the tests, they are just TOO difficult, and she doesn t seem to care. To put it short and simple She is all about the test, and not about helping students learn
9520012Nice professor, try to makes the class interactive.
5320012By far, the worst professor of the Freshman sequence. Her exams are much harder compared to ICB. Not accommodating to special conditions.
5320003Class is very slow and boring and tests are impossible!
9520002Dr. Wanek is an incredible lecture teacher, she keeps the topic VERY interesting. Many people say her tests are too hard, but I had no problem with them, I take very good notes (you have to if you want an A). For those people that say she is all about the tests and doesn't care about the students, wake up and start taking resposibility for your crappy performance, you failed, not her. If you need help ask her. If you think Wanek is too hard, you better shape up or you won't last here....
7120002Very unorganized, extremely hard tests with no effort to help students having difficulty, lectures were boring and confusing!
9520002Is truly interested in what she teaches, and is very willing to help you out if you ask. Her tests are fair if you (a) take decent notes, and (b) know the material (which is basically like many classes here, so if you can't handle it this probably isn't the only class you're having trouble with). Definitely recommend this teacher
4820002She is a good teacher , but her tests are more difficult than they should be. There are many trick questions. Someone can understand the material and fail the test, I think she should have someone else devise her tests from now on.
9120002Her lectures were very good. If you are a visual learn you will enjoy her class because she will try to demonstrate ideas and concepts in lecture. I did not find her exams hard at all, but you have to read the book. If you just try to attend lecture you won't be able to pass her test.
8820002Very interesting and stimulating lectures when compared to other classes in the discipline. She uses visual aids in addition to overhead notes to help students learn some of the more difficult concepts. The tests are quite difficult, though she makes an effort to keep them fair.
9520001Her lectures are _very_ interesting, and she is always willing to answer any questions in class. At the beginning of every lecture, she summarizes the previous lecture. Much emphasis is put on understanding the diagrams, and these can often be seen on her exams. In order to be successful in the class, you must take excellent notes and do all of the reading assignments #you cannot simply come to lecture and expect to remember it all on the test day. If you do this, you should have little difficulty on her exams.
7519993tests are way too hard, the questions are worded in a way so that they are not understandable(developmental bio)