RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Nancy Doubleday

6120023She'll occasionally be nice to you in class and make it seem like you're on the right track until you get your grades and she stabs you in the back. She's not very helpful at all when you ask for it. I definitely learned more from other students then from her. I wouldn't take another class with her.
5320023Doesn't respond to e-mails. Lectures and Labs were hard to follow. She could never finish an idea. She'd always start teaching a subject then she'd let us try it, but she'd never finish what she was teaching. I learned more about director from fellow students than I did from her.
6520012Prof. Doubleday is a poor teacher. I took IDM lecture with her before it was combined into a 4 hour lab style course. During each lecture we sat in the dark while she showed us various projects from previous students. When students would ask how certian tasks were accomplished to make these projects work, Doublebay almost always said something along the lines of "you don't need to know," or "we'll learn that later," and of course later never comes. She is also famous for telling her students they can forego the grading rubric if they find a better way to do a certian task for their perticular project, but often forgets that she said this while grading the projects. Personally, I recieved a 70% on a project only later to have this bumped up to an 88%. Additionally, my project must have been pretty good as another teacher used it in a demonstration as a "good example" to her class the next quarter. Unless you have to take class with her, choose Prof. Oyzon instead.
4820012Terrible doesn't know her material. Doesn't care if the students don't find her interesting as long as she can monotously read her lesson plan to the class and get everything she is supposed to done even if no one is listening.
6520012i can't beleive her overall rating is this high. anyway... shes a crackhead. her classes are boring, she does not explain material well, is not available for extra help( and the labbies she sends you to aren't too quick either). I absolutely hated her class and ended uplearning WAY more from the other students i knew and professors i previously had.
4820011this teacher did not help me learn programming at all
9920003Absolute enthusiastic about the classroom experience. You will learn from her. A++++++
7120003if you like the kindergarten teacher from billy madison...you'll love professor doubleday...
8520003I checked these comments to see if anyone agreed with me that prof Doubleday seems a bit absentminded. I wasn't dissapointed. She is a sweat lady, and she knows what she is talking about, but she has a tough time keeping control of the class, and is still a Hippy at heart.
9920003If you really want to learn than sit in her class. She is a pretty good professor
8820003Pretty good professor, I had her for electronic imaging back in '98.
8520003knows the material she is teaching well enough to do a good job teaching it.
8120002Decent Professor... but it's a little breezy upstairs.
8120002Good professor but not too stimulating....
5320002lost in space constantly
9520002i thought she was great, she seemed a little like an airhead, but i learned a lot in her class.
7520002She is a knowledgable person, but that really does not help if her knowledge does not reach the students. She has problems getting her point across, and does not accept questions very well unless they are 100% on-topic. Seems a little bit self-absorbed, and does not accept criticism or students thoughts very well. I would shy away from here if possible.
7520002only if u must. she seems very weak, her in-ability to stand up to critisizm and questions, comments is a big pain.
7520002i think doubleday is out to lunch most of the time. She spends most of class in her own world it seems. Half the time she doesn't know what she is talking about.
8120002Does a pretty good job of explaining the material; her examples are good. She could have better control over the class, though. She should try to keep things more focused and not spend tons of time hashing out things that are less important.
9520002Not the fastest at grading projects, but fair in doing them. Interactive Digital Media was a fun class with her. I would take another class with her if I had the option.
7820001Uuh - only if you have to!
9119993Very nice person
9919993I love her lectures:-)