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Ratings for Nabil Kaylani

9520023Does an excellent job, pure lecture style class and the tests are based upon like 95% of that material. There were 3 of them 30% each with 10% in his hands.
9920023I found his lectures fascinating and I was always disappointed when class was over. If you attend every class and take good notes, you *should* be able to get an A. However, less than 10% of my class did because people skipped and didn't read the book. It takes a lot to keep up with the reading. If you fall behind, I recommend reading the history summaries at www.sparknotes.com. I found them very helpful. I also used their practice tests.
9920023Makes class interesting with his vast knowledge of the subjects he teaches
9520012If you are kind of a lazy loaf like me, then you probably will not do well in the classes, however, I have never been more interested in a class's subject matter than when he taught it. I took Contemporary Middle East History, Strategy & Diplomacy, and Modern European History with him (average of C+ btwn the classes). He's great.
9920012I have taken EVERY class that Dr. Kaylani teaches. He really know the material, and he wants you to learn and absorb that material. If you go to class, you should be ok. If you want an A... do all the reading and ask questions in class. His tests will kill even the best history students. You have to be awake with this guy, but I haven't learned as much from any other professor.
9920012Great Teacher
9920012Professor Kaylani taught my Modern European History class. In this class I learned the following:
1) The important, boiled down, economical, logical Kaylani approach to history since 1500.
2) European history is vital to understanding American history
3) My high school education was a waste, due to my previous level of ignorance
4) If you don't understand today's issues, you'll be more easily controlled by an authority
5) History is more than just a collection of arbitrary facts.
It's true his tests are hard, but I did the reading and it worked out fine.
Additionally, he is there for students and has tons of sass.
8820012I had Kaylani for Political Ideology. He is a very hard grader and his tests are in depth. Kaylani is very knowledgeable in various fields of study. His lectures are thought provoking, for a subject such as this, its not an easy task.
He can be condescending and very adamate about his opinions.
9520012Class will NOT be easy, but Kaylani is the greatest ever.
9120011I had this professor for Political Ideologies. This guy knows his stuff. He is a phenomenal professor, and appears to be an expert on just about anything he is talking about. His lectures are interesting and thought provoking. The only complaint would be his exams, which I consider to be very difficult. You will learn a lot in his class, but the tests are often a poor representation of what you learned. Overall an excellent professor, just make sure you study for tests.
9120011I had him for Contemporary Middle-Eastern History. He's a bit abrasive, and didn't let me eat in class. His tests are pretty difficult, largely because he covers a lot of material very thoroughly.

9920011Dr. Kaylani is the best. I took Modern European History from him. Although the class is scheduled for four days/week, you usually get the 4th day off (except for tests or if he feels he needs the time). He really knows his stuff, and as long as you go to class, you'll do just fine. The tests are VERY easy as long as you go to class and crack your book open from time to time. 3 tests, no quizzes, no homework (other than reading). As he put it, he can tell who goes to class by the results of the tests. A GREAT PROFESSOR - the best that I've had at RIT so far.
9920011Amazing professor. I can't believe im saying this but he makes history fun. a little opinionated but theres nothing wrong with that. Very nice guy. Dont take him if you have a habit of showing up a little late in class though. He is very punctual and likes others to be that way as well.
8820011I had him for Political Ideologies. I found him great for lectures because it kept me awake and always tried get class discussion. The test were hard and most of the questions came from his lectures. So be prepared to take notes.
9920003Professor Kaylani is one of the best teachers in the History department. He is very energetic and enthusiastic about what he teaches. He sometimes goes off on tangents and lectures his students about the importance of reading but he is still an excellent professor and I would recommend any of his classes.
9920003Kaylani is an absolutely amazing professor. After taking a class in European international relations from 1871 to 1945, I took a class with a different professor, covering the same time period, but just one country. I realized that after what I learned in Kaylani's class, I could dance circles around the people in my new class. I highly recommend him for anyone who is the least bit interested in history. One of my great regrets at RIT will be that I only got to take one class with him.
9920003I've had Dr. Kaylani for three classes already, and I would take more if I had the chance. He is an expert in what he teaches, and if you really listened to what he says, you'll find most of it pretty interesting. He does go off on tangents a lot because he has opinions on so many things, and usually these tangents don't have relevance to the class, and some students feel that that makes him a poor professor. His exams are 50 multiple choice questions, and there are 3 exams only. Suffice it to say, it's easy to screw up, but you learn so much in his class.
7520003Dr. Kaylani knows his stuff, that is for sure. He is a great professor but he and I never hit it off. I learned a lot from him but his tests are extremely difficult. I would recommend taking a course from him, but be ready to work hard or to have your GPA drop.
9120002Dr. Kaylani is an excellent professor. His lectures are extremely interesting, and he is very enthusiastic about what he teaches. Be prepared to work very hard if you want an A, his tests are very hard. He usually gives 3-4 As in a class of 20.