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Ratings for Peter Cardegna

9520012Knows his stuff very well and explains everything clearly. While the tests do have some surprises, if you can understand the concepts and not just the examples you will do well.
7820003Hi this is someone who will remain anonymous and still follow all the RIT rules and regulations (as represented by this site) while exploiting the RIT Professor Evaluation System. First I’d like to say our “president” (that would be President Felipe Giraldo) in his comments under Professor Kovacs is doing the same thing as I am, using this site to make a point. His grade of “A+” is no reflection on how he would rate professor Kovacs. In any event, what I really want to talk about is Student Government – or should I say some higher up individuals in SG who often act short sited with only the concern of themselves. They recklessly use technology, doing nothing good and are very SLOW, yes, VERY SLOW to realize the errors in their ways. I don’t want to name names here (although I probably should considering this is a naming site) cause I’m nice but I will say they are high up in office. To summarize, some people high up in SG are slow, uncaring, unkind, not open to alternatives, don’t deal with outside people very well, incompetent and arrogant. Guess your basic run of the mills idiots who should never have been admitted to RIT in the first place. You SUCK, go away filth!! I would like to see a lot of you LEAVE office immediately! Oh, anyone who may be reading this and one of these pathetic excuses of a person – if you are offended by what I wrote, if it makes you angry or upset, join the club buddies. Cause without even knowing it, you made this club. LEAVE OFFICE cause you are losers and suck a lot of junk!!! (hats off to the student senate though, you people a cool, many of you actually care). Hey SG people, I think my point has been made. Have a nice day.
9920003This professor was very friendly and helpful both in and outside of class. His tests were straight forward and the grading is fair. I was a bit scared about taking physics here at rit, because of all the horror stories I was told about the faculty but I can't say anything bad about professor Cardegna. Do the HW and you should be fine.
4820003This professor does not care for his students. I got an F in his class and then an A when retaking it. He is a complete egotist and finds pleasure in belittling others. If u take him you will regret it. Kern is awesome.
5320002Prof. Cardegna is very intelligent, but he cannot share his knowledge effectively with his students. If anyone has a question, he first response is geneally "Isn't it obvious?" Also be cautious of his tests, since they generally are loosely based based on any homework. Avoid him if you can...
8820002He wasn't the best physics prof I ever had, but he did do a good job of presenting the material and testing you on what he taught.
9920002Cardegna is nice guy, I don't know what all that "he's full of himself" stuff is about. His tests are pretty easy (I've gotten better than 90% on all of them so far), and thought he may be a little bit dull sometimes, he tries to make it interesting. He brings in displays and examples whenever possible, and is helpful, plus he actually answers e-mail!
4820002not a good professor at all1 Not willing to help students who are struggling. He is the only teacher that I have 2 'W' from. You would think I would have learned the first time!
4820002Very unwilling to work out situations with students as far as conflicts, even in reasonable situations.
7120002Dr. Cardegna is ok. He's a nice guy and very helpful when you go for office hours. However, he spends all of class going over theory and introducing a topic, but never solves any problems.
6820002He's a condescending bastard. Look elsewhere.
8520002Does not teach well as some professors in the dept, but his quizes aren't that hard (he is somewhat strict giving partial credit), but he was always willing to help me out with the webassign. Not bad at all as others may think...
8820002I don't know how Dr. C teaches Physics III, but his Physics I course was very well-structured. Tests and homework ranged from fairly easy to difficult, but he's almost always available to help you if you go see him, and he's a very pleasant guy. Does a good job of explaining concepts and relating it to real-world physics. You've really got to work and study to get the grades, but you will learn the physics if you put the time in.
8520002Go to class, do the homework, and do the suggested problems. Do that and you're fine.
9520002Standard issue physics professor
4820001i had him for physics 3.
EE majors who had most of that material before said that they have never seen that material presented in such a confusing way. plus, he seems arrogant and uncaring towards students.
7819993Knows what he s talking about, but nobody cares.
6519993don t take him in the morning, or the evening. his voice will put you to sleep.
8819993Very open to questions in and out of class. Classes and tests are structured in such a way that you know what is expected of you.