RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Paul Brule

9120023I can't say that I learned a whole lot in his class, but he is a decent teacher. He has a tendancy to get off topic, quite often, and likes to show lots of videos. As for tests, he tells you exactly what is on them which makes things much easier. The textbook is only necessary for studying, and you could probably do that while sitting in the Book Store for an hour before the test, and still get an A. WHOA!
9520023Brule really knows his material in class, his tests are fair if you do go to class and do the reading. He also really cares and eager to help his students if they need it.
8820023Funny guy, tries to help as much as possible, good proffessor, tests are fair, pay attention to lectures and videos moe than book
9920023If you want an A here is the place to go. You actually learn if you pay attention so its a win win situation. Great Guy and Great Professor
9520012Fun, informative, and caring professor.
9120012Had him for Senior Seminar. He is an interesting person and his class was pretty interesting too. More control of the students would be good, so that they don't interrupt or insult others etc etc.
8120012Nice guy and easy grader. Had him for both Juvenile Justice and Interview/Counseling in CJ. For both of the classes he assigned A LOT of reading. His tests are fairly easy as long as you study, and no real homework except for the assigned readings. However, he forgot to show up for the final in Interview/Counseling in CJ!!!!!!
4820012Brule is the worst professor i have had at RIT. He talks about himself and his college aged kids asking him for money every class without fail. if you miss one class and have written documentation he will accuse you of missing 5 and fail you and you will have to sit through another of his ridiculous classes. I learned nothing from him. I could have taught this class better than he did. If you are a hockey player, take this class because he will give you an A regardless of whether you show up and do work.
9520003Brule is great. The first time I took a class with him I really didn't know what to make of him but after taking juvenile justice I saw how much he cares about people. He is willing to help his students and he doesn't expect too much. I'd strongly recommend him. Plus the classes usually get out early, thats always a bonus!!
8820002Very nice man. Very easy class. If you take Juvenile Justice with him you can see that he really cares.
5320002Lame professor.Lame classes.Lame jokes.Lame personality.Tests are a joke.You can do them in your sleep.Take both of his classes later in jr or sr year!! Do not buy the books for his classes. You'll learn more from the internet or by word of mouth from people who have had him before.If you buy the books you will be sorry! You'll learn more about his family- mother in law,daughter,son and wife than you will about juvenile justice or counselling in criminal justice.

Watch his grading policy! He can mess up your GPA in a heartbeat! As for knowing his stuff, he may know what probation and criminal justice entailed back in the 70's when he was in the system but he sure can not relate to it today!As for asking for it- i got A's in both his classes.It was not difficult!