RIT SG Professor Evaluations ca. 2005

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Ratings for Peter Anderson

9920023The most admirable Professor in R.I.T.
9920023Dr. Anderson is, by far, the most brilliant professor in the Computer Science department. He often thinks out of the box and adds theoretical insight to the class discussion. His lectures involve a lot of "math" speak so if you are taking any upper level AI/Machine Learning courses with him, some linear algebra will help.
9520012I had Anderson for PLC. He's an excellent professor, loves to teach, and enjoys what he is teaching. Covers topics well. Exams are fair. Projects are often vague and not very specific, but are still interesting. I would recommend this professor.
8820012For PLC he covered the syllabus well. Fair exams and projects. Homework seemed to be too open ended. Several tangent discussions on math concepts. Still lacked a unifying approach to PLC other than "here's another language and what it's good for."
9520004totally agree!
9920002Very good professor with a true passion for the
subjects he teaches. However, his PHD in
mathmatics from M.I.T. means that at least
once per class he will completely lose everyone
by going on some math tangent.