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Ratings for Paul Wilson

5820023suckiest teacher to ever suck. he definitely has given up on teaching.
7520023he's a very hard working prof., and VERY FUNNY (esp. stories).. however, his quizzes are almost impossible to get an A. I studied almost 3 hrs/per quiz on the past 3 quizzes to bring up my gpa to an A. But the quizzes are EXTREMELY hard.. even with studying 3 hours a quiz.. take him if u want a professor that's funny and understanding.. if not, then try a diff. professor.
4820012hes a nice teacher but quizzes r horrible
8520012Good teacher, but he's very strict on grading. None of the quizzes are dropped, and there are no make-ups, so if you do bad on one it can affect your final grade. He emphazises understanding the concept rather than using a formula, which can be difficult at times. Doesn't round up much if you're very close to an A; you need to get above an 89.5.
9920012Very good teacher. Focuses on the theory a lot, and really enjoys his field. He has interesting stories, too, if you get him for the right class. Homework, whether optional or not, is not really optional if you want to pass the quizzes.
9920012I have never seen a teacher whom loved what they do more than Dr. Wilson. He is the best teacher I have ever had, even though his quizzes are hard and I'm not doing very well I feel as if I have learned more through having him than most teachers. Dr. Wilson YOU ARE THE MAN!
9920012he explains examples and any problems very well. is more than happy to help you if you need help. only quizes every friday and the questions are like the homework. a very fair teacher. i wish i could take him for all of my math classes
4820012Without a doubt the worst teacher, and I use the term loosely, I have ever had. He gives the most mind-numbing lectures and ridiculous tests (and re-tests). Questions will be answered promptly with a series of philosophical jargon and inaudible mumblings.
7820012Wilson is a really good professor, unfortunately his tests are extremely challenging. He'll explain the information to you but you need to know if like the back of your hand to do well. Curves up to wazoo.
8520012good prof. Quiz every friday. Had him for calc 4. Its not a cake walk, but very doable if you try a little bit.
9120012Makes math intersting, very nice.
9920011By far the best teacher I ever had! Quizes every friday, and you get to bring a formula sheet filled front and back. He is also pretty cool about calculator usage.
5320011I didn't even take him this quarter, but I just wanted to reiterate that he is a bad teahcer. Not a bad person by any means, he just does not know how to teach. He knows his birthdays (probably one of theose desk calendars or something), but he must have skipped out on the teaching course when he was becoming a professor. Hes a nice guy, too theoretical, too many theorems, too many proofs, not enough teaching. Avoid him if you can.
9520011Wilson is a great professor. He is a very good teacher and is a very fair grader. He is challenging and you learn the material. He has quizes every friday, which at times is frustrating, but helps you learn the material and keep you on track. I'd highly recommend Wilson.
9920011A+++++++ he is the best prof i have had in my few years here and I will take any class that he is teaching. He is both a great teacher and an entertaining person, I can't say enough about him in a short blurb. The three times I have had him have been the most enjoyable classroom setting experiences i have ever had.
9920011Dr Wilson knows it all.He is not just a mathematician but an intellectual person
....he grades pretty easy..do your work and an A is surely yours
9920011Lemme put it this way for ya...no graded HW's...EVER...one quiz a week on the class' material from the week on Fridays...no Tests, other than the final (which is cake if you just go to class and listen to him)...and he's both intellectually sound and hilarious!!! You really can't ask for much more out of a professor...the best one I've had at RIT thus far!!! *And probably the best one I ever will have*
6820004Fun guy, but he has a tough time teaching the material. I got a B, but I did not learn much, but he makes class enjoyable, so if you want to have a good time and not learn anything in Calc III, he is your man.
9920003What up wilson, dawg... you da man... great teacher, knows his students, hard quizzes, but will learn a lot
9920003You have to keep up with the homework, but your effort will really show in your grades. Funny, makes class so great it is impossible to skip. A real classy guy.
9920003An excellent professor. He knows how to communicate an idea across, be funny and tell some interesting stories. His quizzes are structured so that its not easy to fail and not easy to get an 'A' either. If you do your homework then things should go well... by this I mean an 'A'. If you have questions, he does help you out.
9120003Wilson is a brilliant man and a great teacher. The only complaint is that he does not go into detail well enough sometimes. He also chastizes you for answering his questions with wrong answers. He was always helpful during his office hours. His quizzes sometimes have questions that are a little obscure.
9520003Amazing. Wilson has a way of tricking this students into learning. Hiding his lessons within witty satire and history lessons, there is no other teacher to take, even if you dont need a class he's teaching take it and enjoy. You'll find yourself enjoying the class and passing the class with very little effort, even in the toughest classes.
8520002I thought that the quizzes were kinda hard, but the final was ok, it sucks too that he doensn't give homework to keep you up to date with his stuff.
9920002He is the best professor I had so far. Wilson gets the class involved and is an exciting teacher. If you like math stories take his class. He quizes are not that hard but you have to do the homework.
9520002Great Professor...He knows what he's talking about, and is a great Conservative from Pittsford! Take him to keep an edge up in math, and stay socially focused on moving up to the upper class!
9920001Best teacher I ever had.
He loves math, knows exactly what is going on with his students, knows how to explain things so that you will never forget them and gives you the feeling, that you can understand math and not only use it. Quizes in the seventh and eighth week will be hard or impossible. He knows that. He wants you to be better. Be openminded in his courses!
9920001Wilson is funny and entertaining. He actually makes you want to go to class. For calc.3 he gives a quiz every friday and no tests. This gets you to do your work every week.
9920001This guy kicks ass... he's funny and great.. also only quizes no tests
6519993I dont know if it was just the course, matrix algebra, but wilson could not teach it worth a damn. It may have been curriculum, but my best suggestion is to take wilson only for lower levels of math courses, such as calculus, because in higher level math courses, he spends time on problems and then tests you on theory stuff like proofs that you will never need again whereas the problems you will
8819993pretty good teacher, easy to get behind in his class, but hes always around and willing to help u catch up
9919993Excellent teacher. Sorry to have to drop your class, but a change in major doesn t require it anymore! =)
Thanks for the Calc I grade!
9919993this guy rules. teaches awesome. easy quizes every friday! no tests...no midterms. just 10 quizes and a final. had him for Calc 1, 2, & 3. great guy!